Pause. Break. Riot!

Pause. Break. Riot!


A live electro dance pop band with a sense of humour, mixing up the energy of a full band, grime-influenced rap, rave-influenced samples and catchy hooks.


Started in mid 2007 as a 2-piece band, Pause. Break. Riot! rapidly gained a following in their former home towns of Swindon and Bath. Adding 2 extra members in mid 2008 to make the band "fully live", they have since embarked on 2 UK tours, released a single on Diffusion records, been Indy Award finalists, and even headlined a festival (Boom stage in Bath). Now they are working in collaboration with Rag Doll Records to take the country by storm in 2009.


Retro [SINGLE] (Diffusion records) - Airplay on various student and regional radio stations.
Music Take Control [SINGLE] (Rag Doll Records) - Free download single with airplay on Subcity Radio and Bath's 1449 URB.

Set List

Our set varies from performance to performance. We currently have about 50 minutes of material, but play a subset of that depending on how much time we're allotted. A typical set might be 7-8 songs and 35 minutes.