Pop and rock on the alternative side with elements of Norwegian folk, bossa nova, tango and funk, sung in Norwegian


Many years ago, in the youth of television broadcasting, and when the national broadcasting company of Norway for the moment had no program to offer, they put a camera at rest on an aquarium wherein exotic fish of various kinds swam unknowingly around, accompanied by soft music played by legendary Norwegian jazz-guitarist Robert Normann. These fishes were known as "Pausefiskene". Many years later, a newly-formed band with no name yet, had their very first gig. The band imagined they were going to be something like the main attraction of the night, but discovered to their great dissapointment that they were only meant to be optional amusement in between the highlights. The name Pausefiskene thus came quite naturally.

Musically, the band has been accused of being somewhat schizophrenic, mixing several different musical styles and influences. Others hold that this is exactly what makes Pausefiskene special and exciting, together with the characteristic contrast in vocal quality of the male and female singers


Pausefiskene - Bare et sår (C3-musikk 2007)

Set List

Negersangen (laid-back rock)
På tur (funk-rock)
Ensom fisker (alternative pop/poppunk)
Jorden kryr (power pop)
Lengre enn langt (medieval, folk, accoustic)
Cowboyfilm (indie pop)
Tor og Jon (Norwegian folk rock)
Bare et sår (power pop)
Ny klar dag (funk)
September (alternative, meandering accoustic pop)
Elvis (pop-rock)
Seier (accoustic bossa nova)
Marstein Fyr (power pop)
Keiseren (progressive tango)
Jeg vet ikke helt (bossa pop)
Ayion Oros (flamenco/tango ballad)
Mysterier (ska/bossa nova)
Salt sjø (latino)
Rart å være her (rock)
Vestenfor Son (bossa nova/flamenco)
Stjålen Tid (jazz waltz, folk)
Trivelig fyr (folk rock)
Søndag morgen (bossa pop)

We usually pick 10-12 of these songs, sometimes a cover song as well, + a few more for encores.