Pavel Fajt & Free

Pavel Fajt & Free

 Brno, South Moravian Region, CZE

"One of the two drummers I know who can tune the drums.“ Fred Frith


Since the mid-'80s, Pavel Fajt has been one of the most prominent Czech musicians as a drummer, composer, and bandleader. Back home, he first got noticed among the seminal group Dunaj. On the international scene he is the best-known for his duo with Iva Bittová and the appearance in the film and soundtrack Step Across the Border about avant-garde guitar hero Fred Frith.

The first half of the 1990's saw a number of projects filling Fajt's schedule: the Joseph Boys with ex-Dunaj guitarist Vladimír Václavek, the Vogel Europas, Macaronic Sines with Anna Homler and Geert Waegeman, and duos with Extempore leader Mikolás Chadima and drummer Jim Meneses (the Stickmen, Zero Pop, Palinckx).

Fajt founded his own group, Pluto, in 1995, that brought out the best in Fajt, channeling his heavy yet subtle playing style in energy driven songs that were generally accessible yet always on the verge of something avant-garde. In the late '90s, he participated in the Danubians with Amy Denio and members of the Hungarian avant-rock group Kampec Dolores. He released his first solo album, Drum Trek, in 2001. He founded The Gathering of Drummers and recorded an album with the Siberian singer Stepanida Borisova. His latest album is recorded in different 18th-century Czech churches built by Italo-Czech architect Jan Santini Aichel(Santini Consteallation, 2009).

After years of experience with the Gathering of Drummers, the project based on an exceptional meeting of the musicians from different music scenes and parts of the world, Fajt has created his own band which is more focused on written compositions based on polyrhytmic structure from classical music in combination with improvised drum and solo sections inspired by ethnic music. The diverse origin of the band’s members as well as their artistic and technical skills open a new wide space of the instrumentation.

„One of the two drummers I know who can tune the drums.“

Fred Frith

"If one lingered, however, it became clear: this was a one-man tour de force percussion performance - and a complete set of actual, discernible songs, alternately intense and playful."

David R. Stampone, The Philadelphia Inquirer


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