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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Fresh Picked Music: Pavmire"

Meet Pavmire, an electronica, industrial, and trip-hop group based in Houston, Texas. Heavily influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, Pavmire offers solid beats, balanced instrumentation, and vocals that are very easy on the ears. Using Propellerhead Reason and a Roland MC-303 to produce their instrumentals, and Sony Sound Forge and Sony Vegas to record, they produce a sound that is clean, but not so scrubbed that it sounds like they edited the life out of their tracks.

Pavmire is currently looking for label representation; if you have any ideas, feel free to drop them a note on MySpace."

(Editorial Assistant
Tracy Katz)
- Electronic Musician Magazine


Pavmire has released the album Cryosleep, and Cryosleep: Bonus Edition which features bonus tracks popular on Myspace.

The songs in Cryosleep are as followed:
Wretched Remix, Seduction, Say Goodbye, Ride Out, Time, Unfortunate, Rocker, Empty Room, Angels Descend, Full moon, Eternal, Adam and Eve, and Changing.

We don't get radio airplay at the moment, but our most popular tracks are Wretched, Seduction, Inside of You, and Time- which was originally composed for Toyota Scion. The tracks that are high in demand for film projects are Chemical Nightmare and Pseudo Reality. We constantly produce and post new music on our site, so there are many songs that have been getting plenty of plays.



Pavmire was a one man band until Tania joined with Dehn June 2006- also including DJ Ambition for live performances. Pavmire went from mainly Industrial- heavily influenced by Depeche Mode and other popular Industrial bands - to Industrial/Electronica/ Pop when Tania added her soulful sound influenced by Sade and Prince. What sets us apart from other bands is that we produce a sound that's radio-friendly, and very different from your average Industrial/Electronica band. A fan once told us that we may have created a new genre. We have a sound that reach Industrial, Trip Hop, and R&B fans as well.

We have performed at Houston's popular Industrial/Electronica club The Jet Lounge, as well as club O2, Starbucks Coffee Concert Series and will soon be booked at Numbers. We have opened for huge acts such as Vertigo Blue (Ozmotic Records), and Android Lust . Not only do our songs get played weekly at Jet Lounge, Numbers, Grasshoppers and other Industrial/ Electronica clubs, but we also compose music for Horror/Sci Fi/Comic Book Adaptation projects- and we've also composed for Toyota Scion at their request. We currently have 5 movie soundtrack projects in the works, as well as a collaboration with Founder of Sade, Paul Cooke, in remaking Smooth Operator.

We recently had an article written about us in the Electronic Musician Magazine Newsletter by Tracy Katz (Editorial Assistant), and had our thank you letter posted in their October 2007 hard copy Issue in the "letters" section.

Another interesting fact about the band: before joining Dehn June 2006, Tania served 4 1/2 years in the military, and spent over a year in Iraq 2003-2004.