Pawa Up First

Pawa Up First


Pawa Up First is a five-piece instrumental band, working occasionally with collaborators including a horn section, guest vocalists, MCs and video artists. With elements of jazz, dub, electro, cinematic music, rock and hip-hop, Pawa Up first creates a wide range of atmospheres and dynamics.


Pawa Up First started out as a recording project and evolved into a five-piece band. The sound of Pawa Up First is a result of a variety of influences, from various artforms, that have in one way or another inspired us and contributed to our desire to create and explore different spaces and landscapes in music.


Pawa Up First - 'The Scenario' 2005 CD
(Dare To Care Records/ Outside)
Pawa Up First - 'Introducing New Details' 2006 CD
(Dare To Care Records/ Outside)

Set List

Our typical set list can vary anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes, to 2 sets of 45 minutes.
We do songs from our 2 albums and sometimes variations on new ideas, or new songs still in creation process.