Pax Nipponica

Pax Nipponica


We meld lo-fi indie rock and DIY electronic music into an original and engaging form of indietronica. We also throw in a measure of shoegazer-style guitar.


Bruno spent most of his free time for several years writing music using a computer and guitars. He released music digitally on physically on a couple of compilations.

Meanwhile, Yan was busy experimenting with lo-fi home-taping. Working with extremely limited means and trying to transcend the lack of proper equipment with as much creativity as possible, Yan released several ultra-limited edition cassettes at irregular intervals and under a variety of names, the most common of which being Racine.

The combination of these two vastly different backgrounds, as well as a shared obsession in tweaking sounds through layers of effects and processing, define Pax Nipponica’s sound today.


Not Tonight EP (2006)
What does that say about us? Album, fall 2008

Set List

Lead Pencils
Little Wonder
For Your Consideration
A Strange and Recurring Tragedy
Photosentive Eyes
Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Our sets last for up to 45 minutes . We can easily adapt, there's only the two of us.