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creation.of.adam EP
creation.of.payroll EP


Feeling a bit camera shy



Adam Shoucair



When will it be time for this f@*?'n A-rab to shine, Is timing everything
or is Rakim just another plagiarized mind' It?s up for DRE to decide, call
on him after the math in which you will find; An international symbol as
the first talented (Lebanese) Arab-American, Shi·ite Muslim, Detroit
rapper, producer, and musician. all.mighty.ameer (A.M.A). Born in
Detroit he was raised by his Mother and Father (***** & ****). His
mother being described as an angel with the utmost kindness and his
Father a Ph.D. in Education, writer, most well know as a peaceful
philosopher. (A.M.A) is the sixth born child out of seven siblings; three
older sisters and three brothers. This family began its journey as the
parents came to America to make a better future for their children. All
were born in the United States and then left to Lebanon to live in Beirut
as opportunities arose. The Shoucair family then fled when civil war
engaged and settled in Northville, Michigan right outside of Detroit. The
molding of this upcoming musician would now begin. Brought into a
white suburban environment (A.M.A) was known as an outcast until he
decided to become noticed. Since 3rd grade (A.M.A) strived for attention
and would achieve it in any result. Known as a rebel, (A.M.A) would start
rapping at local parties at the age of 16. At this young age all.mighty
didn?t realize the talent that he was developing as well as the crimes
he was leaving behind. Dealing drugs and then a high speed chase
resulting with being shot by the police ? ( undercover police officer *****
*****; who knew Adam from a prior drug bust) tried to kill him for
personal reasons?! After getting out on bond, a one way plane tickets
to Beirut Lebanon was waiting for him; fearing his own life and a long
prison sentence (A.M.A) had to abscond. Knowing the consequences
(A.M.A) was giving up everything, he had to leave the states. At the age
of 19 already an international fugitive outlaw (A.M.A) didn?t know he
would return once again to his home Detroit in only a year and a half.
After hustling and living the streets of Beirut he was faced with yet
another hardship he would have to overcome. To make a long story
short (A.M.A) decided to go to Montreal, to be closer to the states after
the experience of being kidnapped by Syrian?s in Beirut for 3 days
(which by itself is it?s own story)... After arriving in Montreal he was
caught by Canadian immigration and detained for weeks while
awaiting deportation back to the USA. Once handed over to American
custody he was detained again in an upstate New York prison (Clinton
County) for weeks waiting to be extradited back to Detroit. After being
sent back to Detroit (A.M.A) served his time and started on getting his
life back ?together. Freedom in the air, rhythms in his head were now
calling him back to the Mic. With a distinct voice and moving lyrics (A.M.
A) teamed up with Two Face. A rapper that he was destined to meet in
prison, that?s where a friendship was made and plans were set. With
the organization of Pay.Roll, They rushed to a studio as soon as their
freedom was given. Now heading on the right path, and in the right
direction, the talent grows and music is made. (A.M.A) learns how to
work out of a studio while acquiring the skillz to produce music in a
studio environment. “Make Me”, “Club Girl”, “You Should Know”, “Beirut
Soulja”, “All My Life”, and “Sacrifice” are pushed out of the Lab. His
music, talent, and unique Arabian rhythm will soon take over the radio
waves by example. Curiosity killed the cat; everyone will want to know
what this A-rab has to say. 100% Lebanese Muslim stands not only as
the youth symbol to Muslims and Arabs in the world but also a Mass
Media circus. With a distinct look and sound no one will ignore this
musician, he?s bound for super stardom. The timing is now perfect for
(A.M.A) and his honorable Pay.Roll. Music must be made and it needs
a powerhouse such at After-Math and Shady to back him up. Making
music is (A.M.A)'s passion 'it?s time for this artists dream and
message to take flight, with your support as well as the support of DR.
DRE's beats and Eminem's sarcasm. Shady (white America) is linked
with the best known rappers in the industry, 50 cent (black america),
Cypress Hil l(latin-american-buds), X-zbit (west coasts finest), Obie
Trice(Detroit Rawest); the only thing missing is the Balance from the
negative portrayal of young a-rab?s in America, a voice for a people, the
only politically correct way for a-rab satire, with a controversial desire.
“This Detroit Arab-american rapper has the talent, heart, and a market
waiting to buy his material.” The entire package is already waiting for
you, everything you would need in an A-rab rapper; all that needs to be
done is for you to recognize him. Visualize the time for an American
evolution where balance will be achie