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Beverly, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Beverly, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band R&B Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Exclusive Interview"

Music Interview: Pazelee

Published by: Isaac Joseph Davis Junior

We have always enjoyed our interviews and spotlights at Music Now especially when presenting to our audience new indie/upcoming artists. We decided however to conduct this spotlight differently. We are going to do this particual spotlight in a story format rather than the questions/answers format we have become know for these days. I hope everyone enjoys it. Now, this next spotlight comes to you from the creative mind of Pazelee. Pazelee, who is extremely talented, knows how to make great music. What I really enjoyed when I was checking out some of Pazelee's tunes is his soulful commanding voice that gives off a rhythmic hip/hop tone with some conscious lyrics. I think that once you have a chance to listen to this young man that you will be stating the same. I was able to get in contact with Pazelee recently to ask him several questions that I thought that the audience would enjoyed learning more from him. One of the earlier questions I asked Pazelee was his beginnings. He stated that “I first became interested in music at the age of thirteen. I was inspired by my older brother who sang and played keyboards at that time. I've been playing music for over fifteen years”.

Furthermore, I asked Pazelee to talk about some of his musical influences as well as if any of his family was musical. This is what he had to said about those questions: “My musical influences stem from Marvin Gaye and the whole Motown era, to Sly And The Family Stone, Teddy Riley, R. Kelly, Dr. Dre, Usher, Jay-Z and many more. Marvin is my favorite! Yes, I have two brothers who play music. One plays the guitar, and the other I mentioned earlier who sings and plays the keyboards. They don't play much these days, but sometimes we get together and jam”.

Next, I wanted to know why does he want to perform and describe his feelings when he is performing. Pazelee stated that “when I'm making music it's an amazing experience. A lot of the time I feel like I'm departed from reality in a place and space like nothing on the planet. It's an incredible feeling. I write because its' my ultimate passion, it's my favorite thing to do. I decided to write and play the songs I do because every one of them has a special meaning in my world. Most of what I write and play is based on an actual experience”.

With my next set of questions, I wanted to get to know more about how he feels about the music he plays and what it means to him, what he feels is missing in the music industry, and if he feels he is role mode to younger kids. This is how he explained his views on those matters: “I choose to play the type of music I play because it represents where I come from, for me it's a way of life. What I feel is missing in the music industry today is integrity. In today's market it's all about having that mega #1 hit song. It's a very money driven industry which puts artistic integrity on the back burner. I guess I am a role model in some senses. I would like to think that in general I portray a pretty positive image, but most of all I'm just me".

After those questions, I felt that I had a good sense of who Pazelee is and what he represents. I then wanted to ask Pazelee more about how he deals with the blues, what new projects he is working on currently, any shameless plus he would like to promote, and any shout outs he wanted to give to his fans, family, and friends: Pazelee had this to say on those matters: “the music industry is tough; there are lots of highs and lows. What keeps me going at times I feel like giving up is the passion for my craft. It's the best thing I do. And Some of the projects I am currently working on are, "Urban Beatz Vol 1." This set is a collection of modern urban beats designed to provide a platform for singers and MC's to lay they're demos down. Plus, I'm also working on some new tracks for a future album release, and doing some free lance music production”.

My final set of questions basically asked Pazelee to predict or guess where he saw himself in the future. Pazelee had this to say: “Well, you never really know what time is going to bring, but my plans are to be a heavy hitter in the industry making great music available from my self and many others worldwide. Keep your eyes and ears open for Pazelee, you never know what I'm going to do next, but you can be sure that I'll keep the music coming!”.

I thanked Pazelee for the great interview and for taking the time to conduct this interview with Music Now at Junior's Cave. He replied, “The pleasure is all mine; Thanks for the support, Pazelee”.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this awesome spotlight with a young man whom I know will be a house hold name soon.

Photo used in this story was provided by Pazelee.


"Album Review"

Pazelee: Number One
Smooth and tasty as a silky night dress worn on a beautiful lady are just a few words to describe this young and talented brotha as he throwz down his self-produced debut album. This project will surely keep a few mainstream headz on the lookout and therez no need to mention any namez just go peep this brothaz joint then you would know he has a voice to mend a few broken hearts. As for the production, itz smooth like the brotha himself but the main reason you would need to go buy this project would be because, Pazelee has a voice that you would not just play in the car nor even in the bedroom, then where? everywhere! This brothaz project makez even the ladiez holla for more, and ya'll can take that any how ya'll want! Far gone are the dayz that major labelz thought thay owned talented artistz!!!

Our favourite track(s):
Listening Rate: 8/10
Vocalz: 9/10
Production: 9/10
- Nu Flava Mag

"New Release!"

He’s back!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, Pazelee’s back with “TRACKS FROM DA HOUSE”!
This highly anticipated compilation released by “PopHouse Entertainment”
contains hot new tracks from Pazelee, along with the best of some previously released material.

Pazelee touches the soul and captures your mind on the silky smooth R&B joint “Just Keep It Real (With Me)”, the first single off the album!

This artist takes you on an emotional love ride with the R&B/Soul ballad “You’re The Only One”, a testament of true love.

Keeping things fresh, this set also features a guest appearance from Louisiana rapper “Markadmus”.

“Markadmus” brings his unique dirty south/east coast flavor to the table on the head bobbin’ hip-hop anthems “V.I.P” and “Rollin’”. A little something for the ballers!

Pazelee continues to deliver smooth melodies on the guitar driven piece “Suddenly”, a smooth and airy yet beautiful and captivating piece of music!

This project moves forward to the future while bringing you back with some favorites like “Never Enough” from the album “Number One”.

“Never Enough” has always been a sure crowd pleaser, you can bounce to it in the club, or bump and grind to it in the bed room, you decide!

“Tracks From DA House” is a very entertaining experience with loads of great music and vibe, a project designed to put you in a feel good mode.
This one is a must checkout!!!!

“I commence to rock y’all to the fullest on stage and in the studio, so let the saga continue”! Pazelee
- A.J PopHouse Entertainment


Coming Soon!
New music from Pazelee



Straight outa Beantown comes a force that projects a strong devotion to giving the people what they want through musicalization.

This young smooth creative soul is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer and performer.

He passionately delivers smooth melodies with tight beats and memorable hooks.

Pazelee has toured the U.S, Canada and Asia playing to sold out audiences!

Here, he displays his many talents through song.

"I commence to rock y'all to the fullest on stage and in the studio, so lets do this" Pazelee.