PBH Club

PBH Club


PBH Club is the most famous Ska Punk Rock Band from Austria. 80 Shows in 07. The summer song Mehr Meer became Airplay on all Austrian Radiostations and was best ranked on 12 in the Austrian Charts PBH Club is a dancing club, everybody move to the music with a guaranteed certificate of catchy tunes


PBH Club is more than just a band
PBH Club rocks
PBH Club is the first club without membership fees, VIPs or golden card members
PBH Club promises nothing but great live performances, catchy tunes and a satisfied audience
PBH Club „PBH Club does whatever PBH Club wants“
PBH Club loves you

The Viennese ska-band PBH Club took another leap forward to becoming rock stars! After countless live gigs and first releases, they won through amongst 670 participating bands. After getting the most votes from the audience in a text message-ballot for their song “Mehr Meer”, PBH Club won Austria’s largest band contest, the “Ö3 Soundcheck ‘07”.

PBH Club is a dancing club that has everybody move to the groove and sing along the melodies, with a guaranteed certificate of catchy tunes.

After its foundation in the year 2000 and some changes in the line-up, PBH Club found its final formation in 2004.

Right from the start, PBH Club’s main musical focus was simple songs, catchy tunes and a fat sound from the band’s brass section.
Following the motto “Sweet Ska Music” which is not to be understood literally but rather as Ska-Punk Rock, one is not limited to sound restrictions from shining examples such as Reel Big Fish, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Goldfinger. The band uses elements of rap, hardcore and even jazz to express their musical vision and sometimes they even pay a visit to modern alternative rock and adapt sounds from bands like The Hives and Mando Diao.

Stories of life….
The most important thing is the fun that comes with making music which is obvious as soon as PBH Club enters the stage. Professional attitude meets solid instrumental work, elaborate and well-arranged song material meets rousing stage presence and coherent lyrics. Besides songs about the sun, the beach and the sea, the lyrics also deal with relationships of all kinds and stories that happen only in real life.

This highly explosive mixture turns every venue into a pandemonium – with dancing and excessive partying. After the concert is over, you can hear the audience leaving the venue, humming the previously heard songs. Bands like Silbermond, The Rasmus, Gentleman, H-Blockx, Dog Eat Dog, Fettes Brot, Simple Minds, Donots or 3 Feet Smaller already had the honour of sharing the stage with PBH Club.

As winners of the Ö3 Soundcheck, PBH Club was signed by SONY BMG Music Entertainment (Austria). The award-winning Single “Mehr Meer” is published on the new album “45 minutes of Urlaub” which is out now since October 2007.

Members :
Ben: vocals
Örnie: guitar
Nico: bass, vocals
Poto: drums
Maxx: trumpet
King Gauk: trombone
Broono: trumpet

Ernst Buchinger
Booking & Management
Heiligenstädterstrasse 3/7
A 1190 Wien
Tel.: 0043 650 448 27 73


"Mehr Meer" power Airplay on all Austrian Radiostations
"A message to you Rudy" also Airplay
current Album:
"45 minutes of Urlaub"

Set List

Waste my time
Place of glory
Mehr Meer
Just leave
100 Miles
Wer will mich
Hello sunshine
Scheiß egal
A message to you rudy (Cover)
You aren´t my friend

The Band only plays one cover Song.

The show takes from 40 min. till 75 min. this is addicted from the organizer.