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Planet Detroit - Red Eye
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Real Life (Is Nothing Like the Movies)

Written By: Nate Castle

(This song can be heard on radio stations in the UK!)

In my head there’s a place
Where every teen movie I’ve seen's been erased
Everything I thought I knew about love is replaced
With the ones for sappy violins all encased
In an hour and a half

The high school halls
That I’m seein’ on the screen
Make me wanna be 16 yeah
The real world calls
And I know I’m sinking deep
In artificial mystique

And I laugh, as you tickle my feet
And I chase you to the lake
Where you jump from a tree
It was more than I could take
The sun shown down
No one’s around

The next scene 10:15
Rock against your window
You wake up with the moon light
Coming down on your gold hair
Come downstairs, don’t despair
I said “I’m sorry ‘bout today.”
Anyway we’ll still end up at the lake.

Cue the soundtrack
One hit for flash in the pan
We won’t hear from him again, no
I want you back
And you don’t want to go home
So we sat there all alone

And we sat, at the edge of your deck
And the sun came up, we dozed off
And we didn’t expect
Your parents to find us
The climax starts
It breaks our hearts

And your parents sat alone in the house
And we both walked in and we said,
“We’re in love, there’s no doubt”
As a turning point and
They grabbed our hands
The movie ends

And I laugh, as you tickle my feet
And I chase you to the lake
Where you jump from a tree
It was more than I could take
The sun shown down
No one’s around

Something to Consider

Written By: Nate Castle

Quick! Grab a shirt, that one works
Cause your best friend’s got it too
Look around, join the crowd
Now they all look just like you.
Take a place, then erase
Anything that makes you you
Soon you’ll be a copy
Of those guys you’re talking

Too bad, I have to go
I guess you’re out on your own

I never wanted to fit in
Cause fitting in means you can’t tell
Where your head ends and ass begins
And in lue a social spite
Make you think you look alright
Just something to consider

Walk down the hall, standing tall
Now you look like everyone
Who last week called you freak
Cause you couldn’t afford some
Blow up vest release the stress
At least you won’t float away
Step aside there goes your pride
You may want it back some day

I have to go
I left my self-respect outside
There was someone that I used to know
Who had a little thing called pride

I always wanted to be somebody
Who never wanted to be somebody
Who would hang out with some somebody
Who just had to fit in
That’s where my tolerance ends

When Mark Met Jen

Written By: Nate Castle

His head is down out
Full of doubt, reading poetry
He’s trying to figure out what life’s about
There’s no easy answers
Gotta let time pass and let things slip away
She kept herself busy in school
Now the spring semester’s over
She’s alone by the pool
Guess no one is hiring
She looks in the sky
And knows there’s something more

He’s a smartass, a bit confused
To say the least
She finds the task of cracking jokes
A bit preteen
They’ll get together, you know what I mean

Neither were prepared for what’s in store
For both of them
When Mark met Jen
Neither would be like they were before
When faith steps in
When Mark met Jen

Mark keeps his realist point of view
Keeps his faith in only that
Death can’t and won’t come too soon
What’s the point of living
If your faith depends on the means that you make
Jen tries to read and to entice
Herself with The Word
She puts her faith in Jesus Christ
He gives her the answers
When she’s down and out
There’s one thing that can help

The coffee bar where Christians are
Is where Mark works
Jen’s next in line ready to buy
Her evening perk
He serves her with a condescending smirk

One sip and she handed him his tip
$1.10 when Mark met Jen
His knees weak, talk to that Bible freak
How sad she’s been
When Mark met Jen


US Releases:
-"ONE SIP AT A TIME" (2006; Distrubuted nationally through RedEye)
-"OVERVIEW" (2003)
-"THE BLACK EP" (2002)

PBM appears on the following UK Compilations (2003-2005):

PBM's songs are also available on iTunes.