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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA
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"Growing Up"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Deb Snyder and Philip Bynoe, as PBnDeb, combine personal childhood experiences, vivid imagination and musical creativity in this unique CD of childhood issues faced in “Growing Up.” This CD is useful for parents, teachers and other adults in generating discussion, interaction, and problem solving as children face the challenges in “Growing Up”.

Using the familiar contemporary musical genre, PBnDeb’s songs show children they are not alone when dealing with problems such as shyness, bullying or entering a new school. In “Bully”, Philip’s experience with such a person racing him to the teacher’s desk is remembered. In “Fight, Fight”, Deb recalls a situation with a bunch of girls surrounding her and calling her “Chicken.”

PBnDeb’s CD also highlights the joys found in the everyday such as going for a ride, visiting the zoo, dreaming of the future, or even exercising.

The best references come from the children with whom Deb and Philip interacted while working with Urban Improv in Boston, Massachusetts. The following are quotes (and spelling) from some of those children:

“Going to Urban Improv has helped me use my imagination. Wish we could go there everyday, but we can always use our imaginations so you could be there with us. Using the instruments makes my want to stand up and sing along.”

“I like program because we sing new songs every Wednesday and mostly do many games. The reason I’m writing this letter is because I want to thank you for helping us get ready for the games we’re going to do. I think you’re a great actress. I think you make things exiting and fun..”

“I really enjoy Urban Improv. I have a lot of fun. I learned that using your imagination is not just for little kids….You’re funny. You have a pretty voice. You should become a singer. …I hope you don’t forget me when this program ends. I know I won’t forget you.“

“Deby you’re the best friend and you very funy and fun to play with and every time you look at me you have a smile. You’re my best best best best friend.”

“Deb I want you to always remember me. You are sweet like a rose.”

Personal Bio Intro

Deb and Philip first met in Boston, Massachusetts as members of Urban Improv. This talented group of actors and musicians worked, and continue to work, with children who must cope with growing up in an urban environment. Deb and Philip left Boston to pursue their individual professional careers, but reunited in Los Angeles. The discovery that neither had lost the passion for wanting to help children led to the creation of PbnDeb.

DEB SNYDER says she started early and continues as a “bricklayer”—always sticking things together: paper to paper, too often fingers to glue, and lyrics to melodies until a unique artistic structure emerges. She catches an idea (usually launched around 4:00 a.m.), throws it on paper, patches in tantalizing thoughts, slaps on the glue of experience or observance until a story, song or other artistic creation is constructed.

Deb received her BA in Theatre after devouring theatre and plowman’s lunches at British European Theatre Studies in London while a student of Kalamazoo College. She received her MFA from Brandeis University. Deb has had a multi-dimensional career in the performing arts as an actor, musician, producer, director, songwriter, playwright, author, teacher and award winning filmmaker. Musicals: Atalanta, Tight Quarters and Breakup Notebook! Television: Boston Legal, General Hospital, Unscripted. Films: Pushing Hands (Ang Lee), Random Heatst (Sydney Pollack). www.debrasnyder.com.

PHILIP BYNOE, has played in many band throughout Boston, Massachusetts. His world touring days began with Steve Vai and landed him in Los Angeles recording a couple of albums. Currently he works with Kevin Eubanks (leader of the tonight show band with Jay Leno) in a quartet called Sunday School. Artists he has played and recorded with include; Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (The Doobie Brothers); Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme); Dale and Terry Bozzio (Missing Persons); Frank Zappa; Steve Vai; Brad Delp (Boston); Mike Mangini (Steve Vai, Extreme); Bette Midler; Buddy Miles; Steve Perry (Journey); Lorenzo Pryor (Babyface, Brandy); John “J.R.” Robinson (Michael Jackson); Paul Taylor (The Steve Perry Band, Winger); And Tony Thompson : Power Station, Chic. www.philipbynoe.com