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The “dirty south” is gonna get ya. P.B.T hails from Starksville, Mississipp,a poor town in the heart of the “dirty south” where the river runs long but the jobs run short. “Life in Starksville was a struggle” said P.B.T. “ Teens either went to school, went to work or went to jail.” He added. Since minimum wage didn’t pay the bills, some had to hit the streets and hustle to make ends meet and keep a roof over their family’s heads.

P.B.T needed to hustle and gamble to survive and help support his family, only he decided to put his gamble and hustle into his talent instead of on the streets. His mom bought him a ticket and with empty pockets he ventured to Atlanta where he spent a month living homeless and sleeping on trains. When he could, he’d go to the clubs and spit some of his “country heat” and the crowd would lose their minds. This was his calling and he knew this was his ticket off the streets…now he considers himself an “ATLien” who survived the worst that ATL could throw at him.

P.B.T (Pretty Boy Thug) was the name he received from the lovely ATL honeys who loved his thugged out and rugged personality but were turned on by his pretty boy good looks. He heard it so often that the name stuck.

P.B.T. has been in the game for a minute and has paid his dues on the streets, the studio, and in life. He has performed with and has been a guest on recordings by artist such as Jagged Edge and Tweet. He has also opened for Too Short and Buster Rhymes and has toured the U.S and Carribean with Buju Banton…where he perfected his kick ass stage show.

P.B.T is hot…spittin’ fire like no other from the “dirrrrty”. He will make you move at the club and think about it as you do.

He’s gonna be the next big thing from the “crooked letta” state..Just watch and see.