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The best kept secret in music


"PC Hoping To Liberate Others With 'My Season'"

By: Petura Burrows
Tribune Feature Writer

Bahamian singer/songwriter PC "liberates" others with his debut album,"My Season". The album is a real life documentary of the hardship that PC faced as a teenager. The majority of his music forms a hip-hop, meets rap, meets pop combination, with bits of dancehall here and there. My favorite track is the first, "My Season", not only because of the catchy hook, "I'm on a roll it's my season and it ain't no game", but the solid pounding beat that opens this album with a bang and forces the listener to at least hear him out. MY SEASON, the debut album by Bahamian artist PC is a fitting title for the singer who is following a "call of destiny" and his determination, helped by a demanding voice and interesting lyrics means that failing is not an option.

- THE TRIBUNE Newspapers Nassau, Bahamas. Wednesday, September 7th, 2005.


All songs on PC album and singles are written, produced and performed by PC.

Together (2001)

You Know I Love You (2004)

My Season (2005)

Makin Da Cheddar (2005 Featured on the Balls Alley Movie)

You Are ALL I Want (2006)


Feeling a bit camera shy


In Nassau, the capitol of the Bahamas where PC is dominciled, at the age of three, his uncle Bravio Miller saw his interest in the arts and gave him a red keyboard. During the evenings while his mother would be preparing dinner, she would listen to Bravio play on his box guitar and PC play the keyboard. At the age of six, PC began playing more advanced songs like Amazing Grace. At this age he made a passionate decision to pursue a career in the music business. PC studied music theory from the Royal School of Music. He began recording professionally at the age of thirteen, and now as a recording artist, PC is creating new inroads in the music industry of the Bahamas as he takes Bahamian music to new levels by refusing to be limited by our cultural boundaries.