Pinkeye d’gekko are spearheading the southern rock invasion revival with their exciting brand of music. Nothing fancy, just kick ass rock that makes you want to dance and get the party started. Fans of the Allman Brothers, and Lynyrd Skynyrd will find themselves raising their Bics for another encore


“When it comes to writing songs, you can get an entire album’s worth of material out of just one broken relationship,” says pinkeye d’gekko vocalist and chief songwriter Steve Richards Mahoney. “Fortunately,” he laughs, “I’ve been in plenty of ‘em, so I’ve got enough tunes to last a lifetime.”

Mahoney’s “pain” is pure pleasure for fans of barnstorming boogie-rockers pinkeye d’gekko. Two years after releasing their audacious debut album Rhythm & Westrn, the St. Louis-based group is back with Dry Clothes for the Drowning, a scorching mix of grooving backbeats, feel-good harmonies, punchy pop hooks and loud, gritty guitars. “We call what we do ‘Southern Invasion’,” says Mahoney, citing influences ranging from The Beatles and Lynyrd Skynyrd to The Rolling Stones and Allman Brothers. Fans and reviewers may note some Beck and Cake overtones as well.

This is a band that does a lot of things brilliantly—and they do all of them on Dry Clothes for the Drowning. Simply put, this new album offers something for everyone. Over the course of Dry Clothes’ dynamic dozen tracks, Mahoney (who also produced the album) and crew swing from six-string stomps (“Riverboat Queen”) and funky clavinet-flavorings (“Queen of Fire”) to meaty, beaty, bouncing (“God Bless You Baby”) and beautiful Lennon-esque ballads (“Missing”). But make no mistake – this is Southern Rock at its finest! Among the disc’s many highlights is “Girls of Arkansas,” a freewheeling slice of heartland rock dedicated to the ladies of The Natural State. “They are some of the sweetest, friendliest fans we’ve ever met,” says Mahoney with a smile. “They make us feel right at home. This tune is our way of saying thanks.”

The band road-tested a lot of new material during last year’s tour. “It was an amazing experience. Audience reaction is instant, so you can immediately see what works best,” says Mahoney. With that in mind, the road-enlightened pd’g entered the studio determined to give their fans what they want: amped-up rock & roll dance music.

“Our roots don’t begin with Nirvana and I think a lot of our fans—especially the older ones—appreciate that,” adds Mahoney. “Don’t get me wrong, we love the music of the ‘90s and beyond, but some groups don’t know the rich history that came before. We dig a little deeper and then give it a modern twist. I think that’s what’s helping us break out from the pack.”

After coming together in 2002, pinkeye d’gekko’s multi-flavored sound quickly made its mark on a “vanilla” music scene. Debut disc Rhythm & Westrn drew rave reviews while the band garnered airplay on radio stations all across the Midwest and South. “The response was tremendous,” says Mahoney. “It was really mind-blowing for us, because we originally just got together to jam in the studio. But the songs came out so good that we decided to release it as an album. That’s when our label, Force MP Entertainment entered the picture and the whole thing just took off. Suddenly, what started as a fun get-together among friends became a national touring band.”

The group hit the road in support of the album and proceeded to tear up stages across the heartland. “There’s nothing like the feeling of going into a new town and winning over the audience,” says Mahoney. “We’d finish playing a song and this wave of applause would hit the stage. It’s really exhilarating and almost knocks the wind out of you. It made us anxious to get back in the studio to make another record so that we could go out and experience it all over again.”

As he tells it, Mahoney fell for the promise of music at an early age, inspired by (of all things) an old episode of “The Monkees.” I remember watching them as a little kid and just being floored by these four guys who got girls, went on adventures, got paid and did anything they wanted just because they played music. I thought, ‘That looks like a good job to have!’”

Has his dream of a Monkee-like existence come true?
“It works out pretty well,” he laughs. “And we’re enjoying every minute of it.”

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Call Me Adolf During Wartime

Written By: December 06 & 08, 2002 by S.R. Mahoney

V/C 1

Call me Adolf during wartime

As you meet me, tender eyes

Ground the round to feed the poor while

Napalm pilots melt the skies

V/C 2

Rue de la Banque with saddened shoulders

Triggers in her head to tick

As withdrawn as ancient soldiers

Burns the nest and spares the stick

V/C 3

Children of a distant memory

Little Eva calls the tune

Calls me Adolf during wartime

Tapestries too large to loom

V/C 4

Everywhere there’s people laughing

In the face of certain doom

Only mention this in passing

Climb aboard my Grafballoon

V/C 5

Victory’s in the eyes beholding

Name a life you’d like to ruin

Call it Adolf, call it Charlie

Just don’t call it off too soon

V/C 6

At the gates of Hell’s no more kind

Occupation, way of life

Call me Adolf during wartime

Take me home to meet the wife

The Poet

Written By: S.R. Mahoney


Dance to his words

Spoken to your beat.

Plans laid in silence

Broken at your feet --

If wishes could be love,

(Love, love, love).

His wish would be enough...for you.


The Poet circles ëround the sleuth

And knows that therein lies the truth.

With private eyes beyond belief

He siezes life and joins the thief.


As reason must give second glance,

The rhymes the Poet leaves to chance

Become the wives of other men

In lives with hopes to live again.


The Poet must reach hearts and minds

So simplifies to meet the times

And turns his tricks with no surprise

To sweetënílow-mixed lullabyes.


At last, the Poet makes his rent.

His dues are paid; His muse is spent.

The worst cut proves to be the first --

The Poet bleeds his final verse.

River Boat Queen

Written By: S.R. Mahoney


I never met a man

Who keeps no ship-tied woman.

You yellow my cards

So keep your lips tight, uh huh.


Take me where you want,

Take me where you’ve never been,

But yellow my cards

And never hitch a ride aboard

The river boat again.


A mate like a barge

Who keeps my ship tight hummin’

Got a mess’a lucky scars

To heep my chips high, uh huh.


Tell me what you want,

Tell me what you’ve never seen,

But yellow my cards

And never hitch a ride aboard

The River Boat Queen.


I never laid a plan

To keep no ship-tied woman.

You yellow my cards

So keep your lips tight, uh huh.


Tell me what you want,

Tell me who’s your favorite scene,

But yellow my cards

And never hitch a ride aboard

The River Boat Queen.


"Girls of Arkansas" Enhanced CD, Maxi-single
"Dry Clothes For The Drowning" Full CD
(March 2004)
"Possibly" Maxi-Single
"Rhythm & Westrn" Full CD

Set List

Typically 45 minutes to 1 hour, set list varies, new material is being added.