Yesterday's bus ride, today's labour, and tomorrow's headlines.


We’re PDH. Five distinct backgrounds left behind because only together we know what we’re looking for. But what’s there to know? We Formed in 2005 from other fallen local bands. Recorded and released two demos and an EP since then. Shared the stage with both friends and heroes all over Southern Ontario and Quebec. Check back in for updates and new information coming for the new year, hopefully you can be a part of it.


-Let's Be Friends 2005(Demo)
-Plan Of Attack 2006 (EP)
-The World Hates PDH 2007 (Demo)
-{Self-Titled Full Length} (Coming Soon)

Set List

(subject to change very soon) 25-30minutes.
1.Monstertruck Jesus
2.Foxy Liberty
3.For The Benefit Of All
4.You're So Vain
5.Territorial Knife Fight Of The 21st Century
6.Punk Rock Superstar
7.Welcome To Hell
8.Come And Get'em