Energetic, skewed, abrasive post-punk and pop. New Single/EP 'The Devil For Sympathy' released in Australia Oct 07, is taken from Peabody's forthcoming 3rd album titled Prospero. Peabody seek international licensing and touring opportunities.


PEABODY/The Devil For Sympathy

Starting in the mid-90’s fresh out of high school the Peabody story is one of constant musical change over a busy 10 years.

Initially, sporting smart suits, Rickenbacker guitars and classic pop melodies, the band self-released two EPs before consolidating the experience of hundreds of live gigs into their 2002 debut album Professional Againster (Nonzero). Produced by Bluebottle Kiss’ Jamie Hutchings the album spawned 3 catchy singles including the alternative radio hit ‘Stupid Boy’. With the album’s success and a developing national profile, Peabody hit the road and have since shared stages with the likes of the Hoodoo Gurus, You Am I, Youth Group, The Vines, Faker, Dallas Crane, Electric Six (USA) and Idlewild (Scotland). Appearances at the Livid (2003), Homebake (2003), Big Day Out (2004) and Come Together (2005) festivals, confirmed the band’s energetic live show as one of the indie scene’s favourites.

Follow up album The New Violence, again produced by Jamie Hutchings was a different beast. Darker, sophisticated and political, it received acclaim from critics and audiences alike. “The New Violence is the sound of a band coming into their own” (Rolling Stone). The first single from the album, Got You On My Radar received high rotation throughout the summer, peaking at #3 on the AIR (Australian Independent Record) charts.

After a year of touring following the release of The New Violence and another appearance at the Big Day Out in 2006, Peabody had entered another phase of development. With a renewed sense of direction, frenetically writing and full of ideas their now legendary warehouse gig in Sydney, in April 2006, embodied this new approach. With artists hurling paint at a huge, 40 metre square canvas backdrop while the band played, it was like nothing else Peabody or any other Australian band of the time had attempted before (Check it out:
peabody+the+devil+for+sympathy&search=Search). It was exciting, colourful and ambitious, it was massive!

Sadly, only a week later, the inspiration and energy of this buzzing gig was brought to a halt when longtime drummer and friend Graeme Trewin decided to trade the high life of pub rock, for domestic bliss. Eighteen months have passed and in true Peabody style, the band have re-grouped and broadened their focus. Jared Harrison, drummer with Sydney’s avant-rockers Bluebottle Kiss, joined the band in August 2006 and then in November 2006, guitarist Tristan Courtney-Prior joined to add his melodic riffs and colourful walls of noise to the mix.

Transformed, Peabody have taken a handful of paintbrushes and a palette of colours to the bleak distopia of their previous album, creating the forthcoming third album Prospero, in celebration of their triumph over adversity. 'The Devil For Sympathy' is the first single from the album released in Australia October 2007 and was followed by an east coast tour (of Australia) in October and November 07.

The Devil For Sympathy and Peabody’s back catalogue are published by Ivy League Music/Mushroom Music Publishing.

Peabody Management
m: +61 425258374


Hi-Cycle EP - 1997
Rock, Girls & Computers EP - 1999
Professional Againster LP - 2002
(Feat Hi-rotation singles: Stupid Boy and Do You Wanna)
Stupid Boy EP - 2003
Got You On My Radar EP - 2004
(Hi Rotation single: Got You On My Radar)
The New Violence LP - 2005
(Hi rotation singles: Wrecking Ball, The Weight Just Right & Got You On My Radar)
The Devil For Sympathy Single/EP - 2007

Set List

Peabody has been on the Australian pub circuit playing 100-200 shows a year since 2002. Our set lists usually combine new songs, with songs from our back catalogue and generally last for an hour to an hour and a half at headlining shows. Here's a sample:

Something to Someone
Two Sides
Buzzard vs Ibis
If The Accident Will
No Exit
Big Sur
The New Violence
I Find The Words
Au Expose
Wrecking Ball
Got You On My Radar
The Devil For Sympathy
The Fine Line
Stupid Boy
A Resurrected Man
Do You Wanna?
She's Heading Unto Zion

Covers we have played in the past:
Know Your Product - The Saints
What Deaner Was Talkin About - Ween
About A Girl - Nirvana
School - Nirvana
My Pal - God
Cool Hand Luke - You Am I
Embassy Row - Pavement
In The City - The Jam
Tojo - Hoodoo Gurus