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Peace With Doubt

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This band has not uploaded any videos




The songs just blast on with a real energy. The acoustic guitar strums then come in and really add in atmosphere (slightly Eastern). The vocals & the performance are both fine. In fact, the whole production sounds professional. The guitar solo is really good, real slimy sound. I could see lots of people really getting down into this. The lighters in the air, the whole shebang!
- Garguilov, San Francisco, CA

""They are catchy as all hell!""

"They are catchy as all hell," "Produced to the nines”!"
It's really unique when a band not only has the skills to rock out, but also understands what sound they’re going for and can produce it. - Mike Po Smashing Pumpkins, Brianiac, Triple Fast Action) of


The newly released "ALL LIT UP" is out now and ready to make the bigtime. Songs like "Never" and "So Alive" will please the masses instantly with catchy vocals and driving guitar chords.
"Taken" is a crowd pleaser and receives airplay. 94 WYSP plays a few tunes from the last release "Innocence". The song "Chant" is also played on 93.7 WSTW regularly. Peace With Doubt has recorded a Pink Floyd (Have A Cigar) in the PWD style and recieved lots of local radio airlplay last year.
Again the new CD "All Lit Up" is more radio friendly then ever and will leave a positive lasting impression!



Peace With Doubt is a high energy, modern rock band able to fuse vocal hooks and melody with guitar driving attitude. With this combination, the four piece outfit from the Philadelphia area is poised to be at the forefront of their genre.
"They are catchy as all hell!" says Mike Po (Smashing Pumpkins, Brianiac, Triple Fast Action) of, "Produced to the nines”.

Peace With Doubt has just released its newest CD entitled, “ALL LIT UP” redefining the modern rock genre. The band , recorded, and mixed, the CD at DoubtHouse Studios (the bands' own studio) and are promoting it by doing what they do best...performing live. Currently the band is focusing their attention on its main priority, reaching audiences everywhere!

Peace With Doubt recently won “Best Modern Rock” and "Best Bands of the East Coast" at The New York International Music Festival. Following the release of “ALL LIT UP”,
PWD performed to a sold out crowd in The East Village receiving heated reveiws in local and national magazines.

The four members of Peace With Doubt where brought together in 2000 by bassist Rod Cope (Solitude), in search of musicians who not only could play and write songs but have the drive to become successful. "Being in a band is more than playing," says Cope, You have got to be positive and maintain perseverance." Sharing these views was guitarist/vocalist Kurt Henricksen (Four Foot Freak). Playing in a cover band at the time Kurt was persuaded by Cope to play original music. Peace With Doubt was born! Because the two held such high standards, several line up changes occurred. Enter guitarist Dan Martinez (Solitude) and another former band mate, drummer Mike Hostler (Solitude/Muthaload). Finally.... PWD was solidified and ready to open eyes and ears.

With the newest release of “ALL LIT UP” and live performances showcasing the new material, 2006 promises to be a successful time for PWD!

"It's really unique when a band not only has the skills to rock out, but also understands what sound they’re going for and can produce it". (Mike Po).