A beautiful blend of reality, love, soul, spoken rhyme, sweet melodies, and catchy hooks. Vocalist, Lyricist, Musician (guitar), Producer, Arranger.


Music is the medicine of the mind, and peace is the medicine of the soul; with both, life is a beautiful thing. In an industry where musicianship is often compromised for the latest gimmick, some may wonder if there is still room for a true artist to rejuvenate and heal the state of music. Peace is the answer! Born Angela Hunter, Peace, a Columbia, South Carolina native, not only exudes the definition of her name, but also professes the same on the microphone. Influenced by legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, The Roots, John Mayer, John Legend and a host of others, Peace writes 100% of her lyrics. She is a self-taught guitarist, producer, arranger, composer, lyricist, and vocalist. The 2006 graduate of the University of South Carolina is not only a talented musician, but also a well accomplished athlete. The four-year varsity basketball scholarship recipient received her bachelor's degree in Sport and Entertainment Management, and now is pursuing her passion of music. With an eclectic blend of Hip-Hop, Soul, and spoken rhyme, Peace has a style that is versatile, unique, and filled with substance. Peace's presence lights up any stage. Switching from Hip-Hop spoken rhyme to melodic rhythms on her guitar, Peace captivates every audience by letting her inner light glow with every word she articulates. After hearing her voice, one will surely feel Peace through her music!


Expand (2007)