Easton, Pennsylvania, USA

Peacekeeper 17 year old members from Easton, Pa play everything from modern rock like Radiohead to Classic Rock like Hendrix in their incredible live show. They are a fav of the local music scene having played every major music venue from Musikfest &Mayfair to Town Sq Steelstacks & Crocodile Rock.


Frontman Anthony Zucchero was named Best Electric Guitarist at the 2010 Lehigh Valley Music Awards. Peacekeeper finished runner up as Best Teen Band and Best New Band. Anthony finished 2nd to Tyler Grady as Best Male Vocalist. The band has played extensively throughout the Lehigh Valley for the past two years playing music from classic rock like Hendrix to modern rock like Radiohead. These teens at age 17 can hang with musicians way beyond their years and even show them a thing or two. Peacekeeper was named by the Morning Call Newspaper as One of the Ten Band Making Noise in the Lehigh Valley in 2010. In Jan. 2010 Anthony performed on the Dr. Phil show for an international audience.


Into The Clouds

Written By: Anthony Zucchero

Go back to the past as I say
Follow the clouds and you'll be right at home
Go into my dreams and I will follow you
right into eternity
There's a rose inside my chest
But I look into the future and I see nothing but, burning fields and dying land and I say
Let's start over again,
All you need is love, love, love, love, love.
Falling through the clouds, breaking my way down to the bone to the bone.
Looking towards the sky all the things that have passed me by, go by quickly I can't see a single thing in my eyes, oh my eyes, will never see the same again, again, again
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
I will never pass the chance to make me some romance the fire in my heart goes on
Since we'll never be the same all we can do is change.
All you need is love, love, love, love, love
All you need is love.

The Earth Is Sinking

Written By: Anthony Zucchero

Hand in hand in this old town
watching doomsday go down
I can't see the light it's covered by smoke, smoke and fear in my mind ways me down
Time is ticking look around, by the time we realize the earth is sinking, the earth is sinking
I, oh I, I, I, Oh I, I
The Earth Is Sinking
The Earth Is Sinking
Feeling my old skin grow worn, my wrinkles are setting in
Looking back the way it was charred fields and no gardens.
I, Oh I, I, I, Oh I, I
The Earth Is Sinking
The Earth Is Sinking

Over My Head

Written By: Anthony Zucchero

And oh you remind me of what I've become
The past is real and it's all clockwork and lightning
But it's alright it's over now like leaves and wind on a summer day it's
Over my Head
Over my Head
Over My Head
It rains so hard can't control the flood washing away the memories that are held at the hood of my head can't explain the feelings I get
Go back over there where everything is alright and the things that disappoint don't deserve a tear it's ok just comeback to reality
right now and right here
It's over my head
over my head
over my head
like everything I've ever done is over my head
This golden gate has just turned black and now I'm on my way back.

Set List

We do covers and Peacekeeper originals.

We can do sets from 45 minutes to 2 hours.
Some covers:
The Middle
Hey Joe
15 Steps
What A wonderful World
Crown of Love
Purple Haze
Voodoo Child
Come Together
Karma Police
Little Wing
Red House
What a Wonderful World
Pride & Joy
Seven Nation Army
Street Spirit
Present Tense
Paranoid Android
Some Peacekeeper Originals:
Over My Head
The Earth Is Sinking
Into The Clouds
Roller Coaster Baby
Give Up
and more