The Peaceniks

The Peaceniks

 New York City, New York, USA

The Peaceniks are a rocking jamming band dedicated to peace, love, great rockin' songs and a hippie jam vibe along the lines of the Dead, Phish, the Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule. Their songs are somewhere between the lyrical content of early Bob Dylan, and the harmony sounds of the Beatles.


The Peaceniks are a rocking jamming band dedicated to peace, love, great rockin' songs and a hippie jam vibe along the lines of the Dead, Phish, the Allman Brothers and Gov't Mule (whom Peacenik Moogy use to play with). Their songs are somewhere between the lyrical content of early Bob Dylan, and the harmony sounds of the Beatles.
In the year since they have started playing and recording they have done many shows, concerts and recently put out their first album, "Here Comes the Peaceniks" on Band Together Records. Recently the Peaceniks have been doing a run of monthly Saturday nights at Manhattan's P & G Bar and Grill and breaking house records in attendance! Their monthly Saturday nights continue through May.
This past September, The Peaceniks played at New York's premiere rock club, BB King's. The concert on Sept. 9th, 2009 brought out hundreds of fans. The Peaceniks opened the show and then backed up American Idol's Sanjaya for a long set of his songs.
Over the summer of 2009 the Peaceniks held court weekly at the hot Lower East Side music club owned by Gavin Degraw, "The National Underground". Here, they played songs from their new album and had a "Peaceniks Jam" that went on into the night.
During the summer of 2009 the Peaceniks also performed at several important peace concerts. Opening for Pete Seeger at the New York Friends of Clearwater at Manhattan's Pier 23 in July of 2009. The Peaceniks also opened for Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary) at Universal Peace Day concert in August of 2009. The Peaceniks started their career last summer, 2008 with an appearance at Riverside Church for Universal Peace day, August 5th, 2008.

MOOGY KLINGMAN is the co-founder of the Peaceniks, along with Barry Gruber.
Moogy was the original keyboardist for Todd Rundgren and Utopia. He played on 10 Todd Rundgren albums, as well as several Utopia albums. Moogy co-wrote “You gotta have Friends” with Buzzy Linhart. He produced and played keyboards for Bette Midler on her "Songs for the New Depression".
Moogy played keyboards and produced a record for Bob Dylan - "Buckets of Rain" - a duet Dylan did with Bette Midler.
He was musical director/producer, as well as keyboardist on "Music from Free Creek", where Moogy played and recorded with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Keith Emerson among others.
He has also played live for Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Buzzy Linhart and in the 90's - with members of the Allman Brothers/Gov't Mule and a summer tour with blues legend, Bo Diddley.
Moogy has performed at many legendary venues with various groups. From BB King's to Carnagie Hall to Radio City Music hall from NYC's Bottom line to Live radio concerts on WBAI FM and K-ROCK
Moogy has had solo albums out on Capitol and EMI records, as well as on his own label. Many artists have recorded Moogy’s songs including Bette Midler, Carly Simon, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, Todd Rundgren and Barry Manilow.

BARRY GRUBER is the co-founder of the Peaceniks, along with Moogy Klingman. Barry is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and Peace activist. His former band, Krazy Lyin’ released a CD “If the Moon Could Sing”, and performed all over Seattle and New York. As president of Band Together Records, Barry has also been the Producer or Executive Producer for several CD’s, including PF Sloan (author of Eve of Destruction and Secret Agent Man), Peace Troubadour James Twyman, Kimberly Bass, Afire, and jazz pianist David Arnay.
Barry is also the co-Director of Universal Peace Initiative, an organization that puts on events commemorating the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, turning a day of horror into a re-affirmation of life. Pete Seeger, Peter Yarrow (of Peter Paul and Mary), Odetta, Richie Havens, and others have performed at these events.

JIM SATTEN is lead guitarist for the Peaceniks. Jim was Bo Diddley’s band leader/guitarist for 14 years. He also has played for R & B greats, Ronnie Spector, Ben E. King, David Ruffin & Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations, Sam and Dave, members of the Allman Brothers Band and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones.

PATTI ROTHBERG is a rock legend in NYC with a gold album "Between the 1 and the 9" and many hit singles such as "inside" reaching the upper levels of the Billboard charts. She has toured with some of rock's biggest stars and just put out a new album this year.



Written By: Moogy Klingman

We're the people of the world against war 2 x's
you can hear us shouting out - what's this madness for?
you can find us everywhere -
we're the people of the world against war

Rally round the flag boys - our tis of thee
our country right or wrong
But the rulers at the top don't care about you or me
and that's why I wrote this song

We're the people of the world against war 2 x's
you can hear us shouting out - what's this madness for?
you can find us everywhere -
we're the people of the world against war

an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
(a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye)
will leave us all toothless and blind
and the ones whoever thought up this thing called "war"
they must have been out of their mind!

Crazy World

Written By: Barry Gruber

Bigger, faster, better, best
Every day you get another test
I wonder who will make the grade
I wonder who is gonna fade

Well, everybody’s reachin’ high
They don’t know how and they don’t know why
They talk about their foolish pride
And wonder about suicide or hell

It’s a crazy world
(You can say that again)
I will

Trouble comes in every size
It sneaks up on you by surprise
You look around for sympathy
But nowadays find nothings free

Well, I would pay to find the truth
But I don’t have money and you don’t have proof
I’d settle for a shoulder
To cry on while I hold her, oh my, my


The people on my TV set
I’d like to have their lives, you bet
They always get to laugh just when
The world begins to trouble them

But we read our scripts
A day too late
Not a word from God or a sign from fate
We know the sun goes up and down
But why do we go round and round and round



Written By: Moogy Klingman

This is a nice Hotel
but one thing that I should tell you about
you can always check in
you can almost never ever check out
Somebody help me
cause I'm going insane
They're stealing my marbels
and re-arranging my brain
I think I can make it
I'll get through somehow
just get me out of this madhouse now!
get me out of this madhouse now!
They got the guards at my doo(r),
I know I'm not in very good shape
but if we talk really low,
you can maybe help me make my escape
Man, it sure ain't funny
there is no way out that I can see,
and all of you are really lucky
not to have the same situation as me.... can't you see.
I have so many good friends
But they keep them under lock and key
We still have a lot in common
Cause we all dream of getting Free
You have to come by again,
cause they never let me travel to far
they've upped the dosage in my medicine
and they even took away my guitar
CHORUS repeats


Written By: Barry Gruber & Moogy Klingman


Obama Don’t Bomba
Barack please don’t attack
Obama don’t you bomba
Barack please don’t attack

He said he was a man of peace
He said he was a man of change
Tryin’ to rearrange what’s been done
He made all the promises under the sun

He said that he would wage war wisely
But war’s no solution at all
What kind of promises are these
When we need a man of peace


Remember in November,
We voted you in to end the war
You’re charismatic, patriotic
Don’t send our boys to kill and die no more

You said you’d make us all as one
You’re not afraid to use a gun
But we ask you Barack please
Don’t send our boys overseas

Just listen to our mighty voices
Save our money for the economy
We need you to make the right choices
What a great nation we can be



Written By: Barry Gruber

In my home town if you wanted a hamburger
You might have gone to see Joe
He made a cheeseburger to which none could compare
What he put in there nobody knows

Till one day McDonalds put up its gates
With its bright uniforms and hamburgers in crates

Whatever happened to old Joe
Why did he have to go away
Is there no room for the Old Joes
In Mall Town USA

I can remember the grocery man
He knew everyone in this town
He’d give you credit without a card
Just a handshake and no money down

Not like that Safeway with all its aisles
Takes all your money across many miles


From New York to Chicago
Detroit to LA, From Pittsburgh to Houston
It’s all the same

Even the churches are closing down
All of the Children are leaving town

But now my home town is a chain store delight
And I heard they gave up without a fight
I heard the hardware man’s business died slow
Caught in a price-war with a Home Depot

But look in the junk yard and you will find
Something familiar – the old Joe’s Burgers Sign



Written By: Moogy Klingman

I went down to a club called the cafe wha
in the summer of 66
And I heard him play on his guitar
he knew a lot of fancy tricks
I said "Jimi can I join your band?"
I play the organ and harmonica too"
He said, "Son, come on up on the bandstand.
Let me hear just what you can do"
So I played on my harp while he sang "Shotgun"
and the audience they started shouting hurray
Jimi say, "You can join my band now son"
In fact, you can start right away

Jimi in the Sky
looking down from up above
he's sending out a message
that's filling me with love
Jimi in the Sky
his music's all around
he always lifts me up
he never lets me down
Jimi in the Jimi in the sky!

So I joined Jimi's band at the cafe wha
and we'd play from the dusk till the dawn
and a better rock 'n roll band you never saw
till the day that Jimi was gone
Yes, he flew away to London, traveling so very far,
He was looking for Experience, they say
And when he came back to New York he was a star
but we'd still jam from the nite to the day

Jim's long since gone, but his legend grows
More and more everyday.
There must be a church of Jimi somewhere,
cause people talk to him when they pray,
Now he's more like a god than he was a man,
but Jimi once walked among us and I played in his band


Written By: Barry Gruber

To give a present or a card
Why do they wait until Valentine’s Day
Is sayin’ I love you so damn hard

We forget to give thanks till Thanksgiving
Sin away till Yom Kippur or Lent
Save resolutions till New Years Eve
And the rest of the year we forget ‘em

Do you think you’d forget where you came from
If they didn’t have mothers day
Do you buy a sweet card for a buck at the drug store
To tell you what to say

The calendar’s got a day just for fathers
And for sons who have died in a war
And the 4th of July to remember the words
That they had to die for

Why can’t every day be like Christmas morning
Every moment a Happy New Year
Seasons Greetings in June wouldn’t be called too soon
If you knew there was nothing to fear



Written By: Barry Gruber

We live in a world of confusion and pain
I’ve learnt from my teachers to be selfish and vain

But I know there must be – some other way
There’s a world that I’ve seen – No pleasure, No pain


No Pleasure, No Pain
No Victories, None slain
No wishes, No tears
No riches, No fears

We live in a world of destruction and hate
You say it’s not your world but I say, just you wait

Cause you’re gonna feel it – it’s always the same
When you look for pleasure – you always find pain

Repeat Chorus


Wake up and find it for yourself
Your inner peace, your greatest wealth
Give up the lies that you’ve been taught
You’ll learn the truth’s not what you thought
You’ll learn the truth

Repeat chorus

Solo on Verse



Written By: Moogy Klingman

Now the time it has come and our country's off to war
still they never seem to tell us, what this war is for
and our sons and our daughters they'll be sent to distant shores
may we all meet up again, one lucky day
Say so long to your Johny
as he waves to you goodbye
and he leaves his poor mommy
off to war to kill and die
though your dreams may be shattered
oh mama, don't you cry
cause we may all meet up again, one lucky day

and we'll all come to greet you when your ship comes sailing in
and the fog comes a rolling cross the bay
and we'll be there to meet you - drinking whiskey, rum and gin
we may all meet up again - one lucky day
and the king say "War's upon us
and the battle's just begun!"
but there are many here amongst us,
who see this world as one
and war just maims the daughters
and murders all the sons,
and we'll put an end to war one lucky day

I can hear the guns and cannons ringing out
Johny's gone off to war
mama's on the shore and she is crying out.
yes she waits and waits but Johny comes home no more!


Written By: Barry Gruber

Do you hear the bombs
Can’t you see the flames
Are you really that far from the bunkers

Can’t you see the homeless
Can’t you feel their pain
Are you really that far from the hunger

Maybe you should open up your heart
You’ll see what’s been true right from the start

That our home is the Third Planet from the sun
And we share the good and bad with everyone
You get your responsibility at birth
North South East or West
All citizens of Earth

What do you call home
Is it just your room
Are your four walls your only borders

Or is home a city
Or maybe it’s a state
Or a country bounded by its waters

Maybe you should open up your eyes
Take a look around you, realize


Who knows who’s to blame
Who knows what to do
Who knows how to stop the grief and murder

Where does the buck stop
Or should we blame the Euros
Why’s a man who cares called a deserter

Maybe you should open up your eyes
Take a look around you, realize


Written By: Barry Gruber

Take a look inside yourself and you’ll find
There’s a battle raging in your mind
You are your own enemy
Darkness against Light


World War 1V
When the final battle’s done
Everybody will be one
When you see we’re all the same
There’ll be no one left to blame
And when everybody’s free
There won’t have to be a World War III

Get ahold of your integrity
Your imagination is your key
Hope is a command
Like a weapon in your hand

(Repeat Chorus)

Everyone’s a winner in this fight
For the understanding of what’s right
There’s no better way
Won’t you volunteer today

(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: Moogy Klingman

When the bombs fall from above
they know that war is bad for children
they know the answer is peace and love
if war is the question, the answer is peace and love
Oh there is pain - somewhere in this world
somewhere in this world you will agree
Oh bombs will reign
somewhere in this world
our banners will unfurl-
and That's where we'll be!
when push comes to shove
somewhere in this world
somewhere in this world there's still love
and the sun will shine
somewhere in this world
we've got to save the world
cause it's yours and mine
Where's there's walls of hate
there is one thing I have found
spread a little love and watch those walls come tumbling down!


Written By: Moogy Klingman & Mari Takagi

Wake up, the sun it shines
the sky is clear
the birds and bees
the leaves in the trees
yes, mother nature is here

stand up, take a walk with me, my friend
a beatiful day
is drifting away
soon it will come to an end

no need to tell you,
I think you know
you know that time is running out
the life of our planet is in doubt
go spread the word to each woman and man
now is the time to save the land
the fate of the whole world's in our hands

Stand up and cherish the world
as it goes from sea to shining sea
it's always there for you and me
Stand up and cherish the world
cause it's crying out to be saved
together we must be brave
and cherish the world

Rise up
all of the people stand as one
through city and town
our world will rebound
now that our work has begun

Stand up
and take this message everywhere
the earth and the sky
hear how they cry
yes, we must show them we care

Go ring your bells and go make your plans
we must bring peace to the land
now is the time to take a stand
the day has come so let us begin
let me show you how
we got to save the whole world now


The Peaceniks first album,
"Here come the Peaceniks"
was recently released on Band Together Records. Currently it's in rotation in NYC on WBAI's various radio shows. Peaceniks member Moogy Klingman is currently featured on in a series of interviews with music

Set List

The Peaceniks are playing original songs from their new album, "Here Come the Peaceniks" plus covers by Steven Stills, and Phil Ochs.
1. The people of the World against War
2. Crazy World
3. Madhouse
4.Obama, don't Bomb-a
5. Malltown
6. I ain't marching anymore
7. Jimi in the Sky
8. Be the Peace
9. Why does everyone wait until christmas
10. No Pleasure, No Pain
11. One Lucky day
12. For What it's Worth
13. Citizens of Earth
14. World War IV
15. Here come the Peaceniks
16. Cherish the World
17. You gotta have Friends

2 45-minute sets