Peace On Mars

Peace On Mars

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We are an original band of three musicians who really, really believe in our music. We put a high value on good songwriting and believe that the material we put out there really speaks for itself.


Peace on Mars is a trio of musicians from the Lakeshore communities of Muskegon, Grand Haven and Spring Lake. Composed of Jeff Steele (songwriter/guitar/vocals), Mark Hicks (bass and a consistent, calming influence) and Jeff Billingsley (drums and percussion), PoM plays a collection of original songs that draw from a wide range of musical influences, a whole lot of experience as musicians, and just plain living.

Jeff Steele grew up in Cleveland, but his musical education took place in and around Cincinnati. However, it wasn�t until he moved to West Michigan that he began developing the songwriting style that drives PoM. Jeff has managed to combine his training in composition with his keen (and slightly quirky) powers of observation and his ability as a writer of both music and lyrics.

Mark Hicks and Jeff Billingsley were both born and raised in Muskegon, Michigan. In fact, they attended the same high school. That is pretty much where the similarities ended until Jeff began playing fill-in dates with Mark and his brother. The �trial by fire� (no rehearsal, no set list) nature of those gigs required that the pair learn quickly, communicate constantly (questions like, �Do you have any idea what the name of that song was?�) and trust each other as musicians.

The three came together in mid-2007 when the two Jeff�s (who had met when playing in the church where Jeff Steele was on staff) decided to join forces and asked Mark to handle the bass duties. The combination of these three very different people with very different musical backgrounds �clicked� from the beginning.
At the core of the PoM experience is the song. No long instrumental interludes, no matching outfits, no jumping around (okay, maybe a little), just well constructed songs with something to say, delivered by three musicians who believe deeply in what their music has to offer. PoM�s music might make you sing, it might make you dance, but it will always make you think.



Written By: Jeff Steele

Take something for the pain before I lay my aching head to rest
sometimes it seems in vain to find relief when I'm giving you my best
The simple remedies, they say to take it easy
They say to find release, to unwinde but it seems
harder than they say

the tension that pulls us apart
it is what holds up where we are
so who do we think that we are
and where do we think we're escaping
looking for the easy way
I'll sleep until a brighter day
but what if it don't come that way
and we can not get past the tension

Caught between extremes and neither one will leave me room to breathe
and so it goes it seems that life will pull all that it can from me
got to get away, got to take the edge off quick
say what you want to say, but you know the quick fix
don't hurt like this

What are you willing to release, what are you willing to replace
what if in the end you cut off your nose to spite your face
find an end you can untie, because you're pulled so many ways
try to get it all in line and then it all falls out of place

Fight or Flight

Written By: Jeff Steele

I was thinking all this was through
You're comin out of the blue
I've been letting go and thought that I was finally over you
You left some pieces behind
now you're looking to fight
you don't want to give up, but you're hoping that I just might
You don't have to try to stir it up

I still want to fight you, oh
every time that you come to mind
it's the same bitter dance every time
I still want to fly from you
every time that you come around
but I know better than to make a sound

Forgive and forget
just live and let live
but how much more grace am I going to have to give
the more you try to make right
the more you try to excuse
the more you try to fix it the more that you and I both lose
Couldn't you try no to stir it up

I'm still having conversations with you when you're not there
it's the only way that I can make sure that we fight fair

Can't Think of Anywhere

Written By: Jeff Steele

What goes around, it comes around and here it comes again
been there before, last time I fell out the door and I was even watching my step
tell me how you gonna make it better
than the bed I made tonight

I been trying to picture myself laying out somewhere
soaking in a life I could have wanted
but I keep coming back to here
maybe in a moment of doubt I might start to wonder
if I could find someplace more than this
but I can't think of anywhere

Don't make me laugh, it's time to cry andyou know there's a time to walk away
So please don't try to convince me the ground beneath you is the greenest shade
Tell me how you gonna prove its better
than what I have proven now

I could spend my life looking for the next big thing
looking past the horizon
so much so that I could trade in the life that's real
for the one that's imagined
and all I have becomes all I have been


Written By: Jeff Steele

I can't believe what I see, looks like I'm gonna have to find somebody new to believe in
hey it's been nice, but I'm afraid that – it's time to ask you to leave
cause from outside your glass palace, man it looks like it must be nice but
with just one stone you're crashin down

You were supposed to be a superhero
it didn't seem too much to expect from you
you weren't supposed to need me, supposed to bleed like me
how am I supposed to catch you - when you fall back to reality

Who's next? Who's gonna be the one to change my mind and
show me how to change my evil ways
who's gonna be the one to give me something new to chew on
maybe you'll be allowed to stay
is it so windy up there
or it something wrong with your inner ear
or do they just not make pedestals like they used to?

How was I supposed to know that everything wasn't just as good as it seemed?
How was I supposed to know that you were only human after all?
Hey don't blame me

Sophie's Broom

Written By: Jeff Steele

She looks at her reflection, she thinks she gets less pretty every day
Sophie never understood what could make a man treat her that way
Her life is filled with coffee cups, folding sheets, and sweepin up
and picking things up off the floor
She says that she ain't buyin, all the lies he's tryin
But you can see them take their toll

She said,
I don't want to live like this no more, I can't help you if I stay
I been living in the way too long
Sophie's broom has swept away

She's more than her reflection, she's more than what consumes most of her day
She's more than you can handle, and more than all that life puts in her way
She was made for a greater prize than the trinket treasures that she finds
moving things around the floor
20 years with her mouth shut, a losing fight to hold him up
She finally thinks there might be more

She's done stayin in her corner, waiting for him to pick her up again
She thinks it's so easy to replace her, he will find something new
to brush off where she's been

Set List

We play all original music, and have well over two hours worth of material.