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Peace & Quiet Rock Band 80's hard Melodic Rock at its best


Band story:
Walt: The band originally started in 1965 by group of musicians in Utah, Carl Fritch and Walt Jones joined the band in 1978. Shortly thereafter, Doug Salter joined as the bass player. Doug played with Carl and Walt in Survival a few years before. Gary Horan at this time was our sound and light man, who had played guitar in the wings for many years and when the rhythm guitar left the band he stepped in... the band has also had two keyboard players, Jim Goodin and the late Mike Gabbitas. The band is currently comprised of Walt Jones, Carl Fritch, Doug Salter and Gary Horan.

Carl: Yes... Peace and Quiet was a very popular local band in the Salt Lake area while Walt, Doug and I were in another band called Survival. Survival played a lot of originals and was reasonably popular until we broke up in the summer of 1978. At that time Peace and Quiet was looking for a Drummer and Lead guitarist so Walt and I had the opportunity to join them. A few years later Peace And Quiet lost its bass player and Doug came on board with us again. We added Jim Goodin ..boards around 1980 with Mike Gabbitas around 1981. Gary has been with the band since about 1979. We have also had a long list of female vocalists, in fact we've had so many female vocalists its hard to remember all of their names. Cindy Sharon appears on the album with one of her songs. Over the years we lost Mike Gabbitas to Cancer and Jim Goodin moved to California. Cindy still lives around the Salt Lake area but she isn't with our band anymore. The remaining members have been together and playing continuously since we joined the band.


Peace & Quiet Rock Band -
2000 Track Keep on Pushin' was a top 40 hit in Europe.
II - 2009

Set List

45 min original set from our two albums.
4 hour cover show featuring music from 70's 80's .. Bon Jovi, Journey, Bad Company..etc.