PeaceSong is a group of international musicians. Performing both traditional and contemporary music from all over the globe, PeaceSong uses world music as a platform to discuss cultural diversity and to help in building a more just society.


PeaceSong was formed in 2005 by participants of the Roads to You Tour, a group of international musicians working together to promote peace under the patronage of Queen Noor of Jordan. The musicians of PeaceSong formed strong relationships with one another through sharing music from their home regions and traveling around the U.S. performing. Representing a wide array of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, the musicians formed relationships with one another that were transformative. They saw that same transformative power in the reactions of their audiences.

All world class musicians, most being alumni of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, PeaceSong's musicians perform a diverse repertoire. The players hailing from Israel, Venezuela, Greece and represent variety of U.S. ethnicities. The repertoire is equally diverse, ranging from Cuban Rhumba, to Israeli folk, to American Gospel, Reggae, BaĆ­o, Latin Jazz and more. Though varied in style, the music's theme and purpose is the same; to reveal the desire for a peaceful planet as universal.