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"Student Responses"

“I liked the fact that he told us that the Middle East is not all like what the media tries to portray it to be. That made me think that it is true that not everything I see on TV is true, which I already knew but sometimes you just can’t tell between fact and fiction. I realized after this that I don’t really know if we are in war for a good reason or not. I do believe the media makes everything seem worse than it really is so that the people are thinking just what the government wants us to think. I didn’t think that the discussion with some musicians could trigger as many thoughts and questions as it did. I am glad I was able to listen to them speak and play. I enjoyed their music. They are very good musicians.”

“The concert was amazing, entertaining and powerful.”

“I like the fact that all of the guys were so into every song they played. Even if they weren’t playing in that particular song they were still into it.”

“I had no idea that our cultures had so much in common.”

“I enjoyed learning about their lifestyles and religion. Most of all, I liked hearing about how much their lives were just like ours. I’ve always had this view that people in other countries are so different and almost weird because of it, but I learned how they love soccer just like many Americans, and play card games that are just like ours.”

“I liked how they put all the different instruments together and it flowed and sounded so exotic when they sang in a different language. I thought about how they all came together to sing for us and others to show that peace is a choice that we do have no matter what the government and the media says.”

- Student Responses


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PeaceSong was formed in 2005 by participants of the Roads to You Tour, a group of international musicians working together to promote peace under the patronage of Queen Noor of Jordan. The musicians of PeaceSong formed strong relationships with one another through sharing music from their home regions and traveling around the U.S. performing. Representing a wide array of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, the musicians formed relationships with one another that were transformative. They saw that same transformative power in the reactions of their audiences.

All world class musicians, most being alumni of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, PeaceSong's musicians perform a diverse repertoire. The players hailing from Israel, Venezuela, Greece and represent variety of U.S. ethnicities. The repertoire is equally diverse, ranging from Cuban Rhumba, to Israeli folk, to American Gospel, Reggae, Baío, Latin Jazz and more. Though varied in style, the music's theme and purpose is the same; to reveal the desire for a peaceful planet as universal.