Peace Weaver
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Peace Weaver

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | INDIE

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | INDIE
Band Folk Pop


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"Peace Weaver at CBGB's"

The moment her beautiful, azure eyes peer from under her mousy brown, matted dreads, you are locked into a world of awakening. You are engaged by a balance of nature; a certain clarity from interaction and inner-knowing. Her body sways with a timeless equilibrium as her balladry filters our balky aggression…
Sidewalk Café is quite still and attentively agaze to what we may refer to as a modern-day Joni Mitchell…a woman of rapture…a revolutionary…a Peae Weaver. But what exactly is this poet trying to radically change? I could give you her answers in a paragraph, but a pure example of her lyrical brilliance is all that you may need:

Reaching to feel along the empty space I call my head, I wonder
Who can understand the one of love?
Walking beside myself, I reach for you and there you move me back,
To a colder space I want to leave.

But now I’ve grown so tall these problems only speak the call of truth,
And on a wider path I learn to laugh at age and youth.

Moving beyond a dream I witness only hopeful words of why
We choose to fear and how to forgive

But now I’ve grown so tall these problems only speak the call of truth, and in my empty words I argue with myself, who’s who?

Breathing inside myself I open only gateways closed to hungry voices
Who command me to silence the pain
Uniting with a god whose holy name becomes the words I speak
A question: give us peace on earth?

But now I’ve grown so tall these problems only speak the call of truth,
And now I hear myself there’s no one else beyond, one truth.

The lovely Miss Weaver, intertwines her responsibility of self growth with her insight of sacred geometry. In doing so, her enormous act of courage produces a woven blanket, large enough to give earth school a lesson or two. She gives us all a place to rest and listen to her enchanting stories, accompanied by her soft spoken, guitar strum.
Weaver also has an open invitation to any musician willing to share her road…you’ll just have to catch up with her as strolls down Tinker Street in Woodstock, NY. This summer she plans to travel around the country with her latest invention, “The Peace Train.” “The Peace Train” is a conglomerate of artists, merging together to create a moving, festival community in an Aquarian nature and lifestyle.
Peace Weaver is absolutely intriguing with her broad gift she so wants to offer the world…Her bravery can be compared to that of Greek playwright Sophocles’ “Antigone”—who put the laws of the gods above those of the state.
*Peace Weaver can be contacted and seen on June 22nd at CBGB’s:11pm.
- New York Waste


We Are Them-Fall 2011



Peace Weaver spent her childhood in upstate New York singing to trees and making clothes for her dolls, while her family pressured her into strict academic achievement and professionalism. She received a BA in philosophy from Stanford University , and went on to Study Clothing and Textiles at Cornell University. While at Stanford she was heavily influenced by the Grateful Dead and the community... surrounding the scene. One night in a dorm room, listening to a classmate strum Neil Young on an acoustic guitar, she said "That's what I am going to do.At the age of 24, she left her successful corporate job, and embarked on her genuine bohemian life. She bought a car, packed her guitar, changed her name to Peace, and traveled. Throughout her journeys songwriting became her stability: A form of artistic centering that healed and supported her through heavy suffering. Songwriting is a sister who hands the key to the universe to Peace Weaver. Her songs come from a place of deep inner truth, like a guiding light of universal wisdom, looking out through the circumstances of the individual.
Peace spent most of her time in San Francisco, CA and Woodstock NY. 1994 in San Francisco she started one of the longest running weekly, all women production, dance parties called SISTER. Peace did not go public with her songwriting until 1995 when she arrived in Woodstock New York. With overwhelming encouragement, she forged an idealistic notion of success & traveling with a family. In Woodstock, she led two national tours – under the banner of sustainable, nomadic, artistic intentional community – these tours later became known as the Peace Train.
During the last Peace Train tour, with 3 song books to her credit she met producer and political leader : Mark Glick, in Austin Texas. Mark produced Peace’s first studio album – WE ARE THEM, in Bastrop Texas, in a small cabin/recording studio – with a tin roof. The projects release was postponed in 2000, when Peace became pregnant and moved to Asheville, NC to focus on family. Although she still intended to continue traveling, with her children, motherhood brought some deep lessons in reality. Peace calls herself a social philosopher and artistic entrepreneur, with many years of devotion to her spiritual practice & beliefs. Through experience, she knows that art is our creative power to heal. She is a Weaver, Fiber Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Philosopher & Yogini. She is solidly committed to holisitic life in balance, carrying the responsibility of her name, and striving continually to assist humanity on it’s conscious journey, Peace is also a human participating in the dance. Whether she is freezing in Woodstock, writing songs on a Peace Train to Austin, or sitting on her porch in Asheville, she brings her music to the world as a witness, an offering and inspiration to others.