St. Louis, Missouri, USA

In a world where female musicians garner mainstream attention singing songs about the party last night; the boy next door; or the body part said boy is most preoccupied with; Peach is something different.


Without pretension or pseudo-whatever, Peach has crafted a sound that recalls a time when women played electric guitar and sang with passion, not only on the indie circuit, but on the radio. Peach's sound is growing both musically and exponentially as concert-goers gravitate to straight-forward rock with a little "something different" - something desperately needed in the stagnant, St. Louis scene and on radio stations across the country.

If you're ready for something different, become a part of the Peach family. There's plenty of rock to go around.


Peach EP
(1. Ruiner)
(2. Untilted)
(3. Last Laugh)

Set List

Original music only. Sets can range from from 30-45 minutes depending on the booking requirements.

1. Ruiner
2. I Know Better
3. Pretty Little Sociopath
4. Untitled
5. Chewable
6. Last Laugh
7. Kevin's Song