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Carefree, Arizona, United States | INDIE

Carefree, Arizona, United States | INDIE
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"Peachcake is still sweet -- But growing up, too"

"As the band prepares to release its second full-length album, Unbelievable Souls, it seems the members have grown up. Instead of focusing on creating a live show unforgettable not because of the music but because of the on-stage antics, Peachcake has made an album full of what it considers to be timeless pop hits. Warner Music Group and Alternative Distribution Alliance have taken notice — they're releasing the band's upcoming EP, This Wasn't Our Plan, on Tuesday, May 3."

"Judging by the five-song EP, which contains three tracks off Unbelievable Souls, the band hasn't lost its sense of fun — the music is just more focused and less cluttered than what fans may be used to. The lyrics are still focused on making a positive difference in the world, but instead of busy instrumentation that often distracted listeners from the deep meanings, the group scaled back the production values."

"To make sure they got the perfect product for the new album, the band enlisted mixer Alex Aldi, who has worked with artists such as Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club, to mix their album. New York-based Aldi e-mailed tracks back and forth with the band to get the right sound."

- Nicki Escudero Phoenix New Times April/May 2011

"Peachcake EP Release Show - Rhythm Room"

"It was an unbelievable event and even Peachcake themselves posted on facebook the next day “If you missed it, last night was the best show we’ve ever played. I’ve never felt like this after any show that we’ve had.” I’m not sure I have either. The only thing I could think as I left this amazing night at the Rhythm Room was, “Jesus, what the hell are they going to do when the full album is released.” Seriously, this was the release for the five track teaser EP for Unbelievable Souls. All I could do was smile at the possibilities and ponder if, quite possibly, Peachcake could save the world."

"Anyone that has ever been to a Peachcake show, or hell even if you’ve just seen pictures, knows that front man Stefan Pruett is a natural born showman, he is built for the stage and the spotlight loves him. He strolls around with a swagger and a smirk akin to Ray Davies in his early 70s “Everybody’s In Show-Biz” persona."

"It was finally time for the stars of the show to take the stage and celebrate their evening. Peachcake is known for their live performances, which one must admit is unusual for an all out electronic dance band–in fact for much of their career their eccentric live performances have far outshadowed their recorded output. Something tells me, based on the sheer quality of the music on This Wasn’t Our Plan EP and the upcoming Unbelievable Souls album, their recordings will vie for just as much attention as their stage show. "

- Mitchell Hillman, 2011

"Peachcake - This Wasn't Our Plan EP Review"

"Peachcake takes a sonic leap on this “accidental” EP that happened on their way to making, what promises to be, if this record is any indication, one of the best albums of the year. While the EP may well have been an accident, the music found throughout these five songs certainly is not. This is, simply said, mindblowingly awesome. Peachcake redefines dance music as actual dance music, as in the dance music we grew up with, great beats, meaningful lyrics, aimed purpose and brilliant execution." - Mitchell Hillman, Java Magazine 2011

"HAVE YOUR CAKE- Local Electro-Rockers, Peachcake, do it for the kids (944 Magazine)"

Even though Stefan Pruett of local band Peachcake has been known to perform in pajamas, it was still surprising when he strode into the Coffee Plantation wearing a bright orange T-shirt with "Steve Forbes 2000" printed across the chest, and matching orange pajama pants with a pattern of white pizza slices. Booking tours and putting out albums has been just a part of the adventure for this 20-year-old with unkempt hair, wearing borderline unmentionables, as part of the two-man band with partner in crime, John O'Keefe. Their carefree sound, upbeat electronic beats, and live shenanigans have become widespread local knowledge over the past two years, and their recent tour has propelled them into semi-stardom. (You can download such funky, long-titled tracks as, "Beware of Switching Movie Theaters" simply by searching their name.) 944 got an insider interview for their triumphant return to the valley. - Mani O'Brien

"URB Magazine's "The Next 100""

Peachcake wants to "protect the world from audio-terrorism" and if that means keeping the Backstreet Boys from making a comeback, then they have the public's full support. The electro poppers got their first sign of success when some dude made a song just to poke fun at them. The duo may have started as a joke, but Peachcake is definitely getting the last laugh. Finally, boys who make pop music---and the word "band" is nowhere to be found. JM

Sounds like: Electrically charged bubble-gum blown up quite florescently all over your face! - URB Magazine - March/April 2008

"Satisfying your musical sweet tooth."

"…Together John and Stefan make up Peachcake, an unrestricted duo whose musical intelligence and originality become evident after hearing just one of their songs...Perhaps it's their down-to-earth behavior and sincere drive that make Peachcake's sound so unique, but without a doubt, it is pure musical talent that makes each and every song so damn good."

Hackett, Heleit. "Satisfying your musical sweet tooth." Java June 2004 - Hackett, Heleit

"Sweet Treat"

"…Regardless of what it is that attracts people to Peachcake, there is no doubt that they are appealing. They put a kind of effort into their live shows that is rarely seen from most bands....Their entertaining live shows and their down-to-earth demeanor have given life to a scene that often takes itself way too seriously...From their interactive live shows, to their unique sound and their good-humored outlook of the world, Peachcake is all about having a good time and enjoying the sillier parts of life."

Irwin, Megan. "Sweet treat." The State Press 19 Feb. 2004 - Irwin, Megan (ASU State Press)

"Tastes Like Teen Spirit"

"…The notion of forming an electronica band, they say, was a total joke. Except they didn't expect the real punch line: success. Now only a little over a year later, Peachcake draws hordes of giddy young indie rock hipsters — guys and girls alike — who sing along and dance like maniacs during the band's live shows…With Pruett singing quirky melodies in his warm, nonchalant tenor, and O'Keefe juggling the Groovebox, keyboard, keytar and a laptop to create layers of infectiously bouncy beats and New Wave-y chords, Peachcake's sound has been compared to everything from current indie faves like the Postal Service to synth-heavy '80s bands like Devo and Depeche Mode."

Ludwig, Michele. "Tastes Like Teen Spirit." Phoenix New Times 21 Oct. 2004 - Laudig, Michele (Phoenix New Times- cover story)

"Jersey Beat Review"

PEACHCAKE “ 7-song demo ( From Tempe, AZ comes the two-man electro-pop act known as Peachcake, who in the space of seven songs manage to convince you that the whole sorry electroclash debacle never happened and the Electronica revolution is still just around the corner. With buzzing sci-fi synth sounds, insanely catchy drum melodies, utterly danceable drum loops, silly but ear-catching lyrics, and disarmingly natural vocals, Peachcake suggests what The Streets would have sounded like if Mike Skinner had grown up as an AV geek in a suburban regional high-school somewhere in the American boondocks... only Peachcake have better, catchier, more inventive backing tracks. Roll over, Williamsburg, and tell LCD Soundsystem the news; Peachcake are going to take over the world. “ Jim Testa - Testa, Jim (Jersey Beat)

"Music Review"

What makes Peachcake so enjoyable is their ingeniousness nonconformity. These songs are incontestably positive, youthful, and just plain fun. Musically unique with memorable melodies and smart lyrics Peachcake brings the material to life with effortless vocal performances and solid beats. Refreshing, undoubting, and diverse- it just works. Overall Peachcake has a commercially viable sound that would, in our opinion, catch the ear of the music industry garnering positive interest and possible working relationship(s) for the duo. - IMG PROMOTIONS INC.

"CRITICS' PICKS (Benjamin Boles)"

WHERE NOW MAGAZINE STAFFERS WILL BE at NXNE- Friday June 9th @: The Bagel, Peachcake- Catchy/Goofy Indie Dance Pop from Phoenix. - NOW Magazine (Toronto, ON June 8th-)

"5 Bands You Can Eat- Peachcake"

Take 1 heaping tbsp Space Invaders kapow, 2 cups DFA disco, a dash of Jem & the Holograms keytar kitsch and a dollop of action-packed punk rock snarl. Filter through a goofy boy duo and bake in the heat of the Phoenix sun. - NOW Magazine (Toronto, ON June 1st-)

"The Church of Peachcake (944 Article)"

I met him on the phone and within five minutes he had delved the depths of his personal life. Moments earlier he had finished a conversation with his girlfriend. Actually, now ex-girlfriend. Then we discussed losing his brother to a drug overdose in September. <br> <br><br>Tough year.<br> <br><br>After hanging up with him I wasn't sure if he even knew my name and I worried about him, but something told me he'd be OK. <br> <br><br>I guess that's just Stefan Pruett, front man for Peachcake, local pop-electronica act, whose first label release will be delivered by SideCho Records this summer. <br><br> <br><br>Stefan's telephonic revelations probably aren't such a big surprise if you're familiar with the band's music and stage act, which is pretty much out there as well: They're philosophical and raw like Stefan, who admits that Peachcake shows need to be more focused, but says the energy is there. And so is the hunger.<br> <br><br>It's fitting that I meet the band in person at Modified Arts. The downtown Phoenix venue has seen its share of hungry artists. Peachcake is in the process of loading in for one of their shows, and I make my way inside only to interrupt Stefan as he hangs a rainbow honeycomb decoration from the ceiling. It's a flair you might find the at homecoming dance or at your nephew's fifth birthday party.<br><br>"Ambience," he says.<br> <br><br>Decorations from Party City aren't a priority to most bands, but this seems to be par for the course for Peachcake. They're all about the vibe: "This One's For the Audience, Can't You See," as their track "Did I just do that Jim Carey" proclaims.<br> <br><br>He's dressed in pajamas, a pink alien rabbit beanie and a shirt that says "FBI: Female Pussy Inspector." (Don't mind that the 'B' and the 'P' don't match. Stefan says it's social commentary). After the load-in and the decorating committee has finished, in full regalia we find ourselves at Fate, around the corner from Modified. We're joined by John O'Keefe, Stephan's partner in sonorous benediction, as well as Peachcake additions Mike McHale and David Halicky. Apparently Wednesdays are kids' night at Fate: All kids eat free. There were plenty of young ones around, but you'd have been hard pressed to find any of them in pajamas, which have become a Peachcake show staple.<br> <br><br>"I like them. It's a comfort thing. I like the colors, I'm a colorful person and like to express who I am," Stefan says, "When I was younger I wore a Ghost Busters costume every day." <br> <br><br>As we find our way to the table, Stefan tells me he's had four heart surgeries. At 23 years old?! <br> <br><br>"Is this true?" <br> <br><br>Mike gives an affirmative. Stefan explains that he was born with a malfunctioning right side of the heart. Or as he likes to put it, "there was rust on my heart." The first three surgeries were done early in his life, but when he was 14-years-old, Stefan was given a pacemaker, which he lives with to this day.<br> <br><br>"That's when he got his rapping skills," John says softly, leaning in my direction.<br> <br><br>The two driving forces behind Peachcake met in Cave Creek in grade school. Over a bottle of Woodchuck Cider, John reminisces childhood dreams: Mrs. Horton's first and third grade classes, Jack the honky tonk piano player and the first song he and Stefan wrote. Composed in fifth grade, they called it "Lost World." <br> <br><br>"I played guitar," John says.<br> <br><br>"I played bitches and hoes," Stefan says.<br> <br><br>"He played bass," John says softly, leaning in my direction.<br> <br><br>Not long after their first collaboration, the two of them went in their own musical directions, playing in "way too many different bands." As Stefan and John worked on their own bands, much later Peachcake took the form of a side project centered around a drum set. The project eventually evolved into full-time music with a mission statement.<br> <br><br>"In order to make an impact today, music has to be personalized. What we put an effort into is ensuring that we introduce people to our world," Stefan says.<br> <br><br>"Be true to oneself," John says softly, leaning in my direction. <br> <br><br>"At our shows people can be the people they want to be," Stephan says. "We want people to be themselves."<br> <br><br>The food at Fate must have treated the band well because the floor at Modified looked like a wooden trampoline, fans jumping and speakers swaying later that night. Then Stefan's legs gave way to a pony express–a train throughout the venue, then out into the street, back through the side door and onto the stage. <br><br> <br><br>The show was a cross between a southern Baptist ceremony and the Mummers Parade.<br><br> <br><br>"Welcome to the church of Peachcake," Stephan says at center stage, wearing a white, monastic pajama suit, masked from the cheeks up.<br> <br><br>"Anything seems to be possible when we take the stage. I look at it as the universe giving us an immense amount of power and influence. We just need to learn to tame and control it," Stefan says. "I mean, we normally don't trip a circuit needing someone to resurrect the breaker so we can continue, and then finish the song a Capella. Although, it's not the first time it's happened."<br><br>The show ended with a group hug. Something tells me that's not a first either.</b> - 944 Magazine - Phil Haldaman



What Year Will You Have The World?.. - (2008, The Planet Awesome/Subtractive)

Unbelievable Souls - 2012/2013 Physical Release Pending


Chain Letter EP - (2004)

We Should've Never Released This - (2006)

Now We Have Something To Celebrate - (2006, Western Tread Recordings)

This Wasn't Our Plan - (2011, Warner Music Group/ADA)



"...Peachcake are going to take over the world." - The Jersey Beat

Described by others as the "Andy Warhol of Electronica," and "The Salvador Dali of music," Peachcake is the project of Stefan Pruett and friends. Throughout the years, the group has experienced an ever-evolving cast of characters, all containing a vast array of superpowers. In a world littered with angst and acrimony, Peachcake wields their powers to do good for all mankind, especially womankind.

Their latest album, Unbelievable Souls, done alongside the forces of Alex Aldi (Passion Pit, The Walkmen, Holy Ghost!) really speaks to the credos the band has always held, "It's a Party to Save The World."