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Peach Geometry

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Rock Pop


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The "Why Did You Name Your Band That?" EP (2006)
Studio Sessions EP (2007)

Peach Geometry Presents: Peach Geometry (2009)
-Distributed under Happy Sound Records, the band's first LP moved an impressive 25,000 units in the first week, under independent distributed and limited promotion. This number, although not in the hundreds of thousands, like today's biggest stars, reveals the potential for superstardom for a relatively new band.

TBA (2010)
-Title to be announced following label signing. This album has already garnered attention with "Everything Shines" as the lead single.

Everything Shines (2010)



Peach Geometry, Southern California’s latest pop-rock sensation, consists of Matthew Wehttam (Lead vocals), Sarah Haras (Lead guitar), Travis Sivart (drums), and John Nhoj (Bass). Having been child hood friends the group members seriously took on music as a profession after high school graduation in 2002. The band officially started as Peach Geometry in 2003 when they got offered a spot in an audition for a midnight event in Hollywood, California. After making the cut, Peach Geometry took their first step in their never ending journey to bring happiness through their music.

Starting off locally in Los Angeles, Peach Geometry quickly grew in popularity creating a small fan base that reached a regional level only after a few years of touring small gigs. Having a new fan base that spread from San Diego up through Santa Clara and San Francisco. By 2006 the band had become satisfied with their fan base having travelled and consistently playing shows in Arizona , California, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, and even as far north as Seattle, Washington. Having their own tour bus and shows at small venues lined up all over the Western United States, it was Peach Geometry's late national and international recognition that has forced them to look for contract deals. The Bands first two EP’s, which were electronically released for free download with the option of a donation from the buyer, were released, the "Why Did You Name Your Band That?" (2006) EP and “Studio Sessions” EP (2007). It was not until the end of 2007 that the band began to take off. A local talent agent had seen the band late night as an opening act and was more than impressed by the bands familiar yet new and positive sound.

Soon after they were picked up by Happy Sounds Records (2008) who is based out of Los Angeles. Drawing from the Pacific Coasts mellow vibes and the sounds of older heartland rock, Happy Sounds Records is an independent label with the goals of getting bands started. They are known for cultivating bands and releasing them to larger labels who have the ability to help them climb to platinum. Happy Sounds Records is responsible for the production of Peach Geometry's first self titled full length LP (January 2009) that shot them into a regional music icon. Soon after, the bands single LP contract was up and hopes for a want of a larger new label surfaced.

If it weren't for the later representation of the bands self produced single “Everything Shines” (spring 2009) in an itunes commercial, a resigning with Happy Sounds was inevitable. However, the Itunes commercial released summer 2009, and the following week “Everything Shines” was featured as the Itunes free song of the week, gave the band enough attention to acquire respect it needed. Bombarded with advertisement contracts and tour offers. Peach geometry is currently an unsigned, no strings attached, multi million dollar band waiting to be picked up by the best offer.
Peach Geometry is currently in search of a major record label to fund and produce their second CD which they hope is a repeat of the success their previous album had. They realized that the small label of Happy Sounds was just too small for their new found fame and they needed a budget that could not have been provided. Not only for the CD, but for there touring costs that are about to begin. Shortly after the Itunes commercial, Peach Geometry was contacted by The Dave Matthews Band. A band with similar sound and almost identical musical goals. The Counting Crows are about to begin an international tour that is focused on the continental US while reaching out as far as Canada and Europe. Leaving on tour at the beginning of June 2011, The Band hope to have its second LP produced and distributed by spring 2011 to coincide with the start of there tour.

When someone says “Peach Geometry,” you might laugh or smirk at the idea of the name, but to the band it is much more than just a fruit and a difficult subject in school. The ancient Chinese believed in peaches to bring long life, and every member of band supports positive lifestyles to help create positive role models in the industry. Peach Geometry likes to look at life through all different angles and aspects of life, to create good music, have fun, and be happy. Lead singer Matthew preaches, “If you’re not happy doing what you want in life, then you need to look at life differently and find what it is you truly love doing. I did, it just so happened to be a guitar!”

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