Peach Truck Republic
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Peach Truck Republic

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Band Americana Jam


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Beyond the Verge"

"...blues, complex, literate lyrical themes, rock and country all meet head on as they go from acoustic rural blues to lengthy improvisation. It’s rugged but real and it’s got texture and soul." - Relix Magazine

"Randy Ray"

" a jam session at two in the morning where the "Dreams" theme is extended to a high plateau that looks out over that frozen moment. Mesmerizing."

" Barnboard Blonde’s case, art is placing you in a surreal southern womb where the only sounds you hear are echoes from some era that never died, that never grows old, that stands jam music on its head. Texas never tasted so good." - Homegrown Music Network

"Mick Skidmore"

" amalgam of roots blues and folk with country, rock and a jam band sensibility, and something of a thematic link.

There are subtle of hints of The Band and The Grateful Dead circa Workin' Man's Dead.

It's an album (Barnboard Blonde) that's really about the songs, and they are story telling with elaborate lyrics and complex but enticing melodies." -

"Bill Whiting"

"Southern jams permeate...Allman Brothers meets The Recipe feel to it that paints a picture with the bands tight harmonies and fine tuned musicianship...a treat to hear, Barnboard Blonde's rhythms and melodies shake and shimmy with a relaxed confidence."

- An Honest Tune Magazine

"Stephen Centanni"

"...proving that it takes more than just playing for ten minutes plus to create an admirable jam.

...pristine vocal combinations and rollicking instrumental talent that establish The Peach Truck Republic's unique sound."


"Gary Schwind"

"...The Peach Truck Republic is a band steeped in the tradition of bands like Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, James Gang and The Grateful Dead.

This band is built on excellent guitar picking, strong bass lines and piano, and easy (lead and harmony) vocals." - Root 66

"Tom Geddie"

" organic mix of southern rock and the blues without ever being exactly either of those things.

...Introducing then defying its obvious influences - including the Allman Brothers - Peach Truck delivers." - FW Weekly

"Jesse Jarnow"

"The Peach Truck Republic...occupying the idyllic space between the Allman Brothers and American Beauty-era Grateful Dead." -

"Ben Ohmart"

“These guys are good, and they know it. They play around with it, pick at it, it bleeds.

If ever you hear a quote from a rock group claiming to be a 'family', listen to The Peach Truck first, and get a Real idea of what a family would sound like if they all played together.

It's like watching a train load of hillbillies spirit their machine on the tracks, and you ain't eager for no caboose.” - Music Dish


Come In My Kitchen, 1996 LP
Fenceposts, 2000 Triple LP
Barnboard Blonde, 2004 LP
Parson's Farm, 2008 LP



Instrumental rock music fused with defining moments of improvisation, seamless transitions, storytelling, harmony singing, and the persistent notion of combining genres primarily associated with the south—The Peach Truck is often described along those lines. Best known for the diversity of their music if not for their musicianship, they say most of what's happened along their way just came with the territory.

Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, the Mexicos (New and Old) and the Gulf Coast—we Texans are nestled in a wonderfully unique hub of history, and as such geography tends to have its way with the tunes we play. Jazz, blues, folk, country, bluegrass and rock all lumped together—The Peach Truck Republic is a band that has come into its own by making good use of whatever it puts its hands on, and doing so it thrives, both in the studio and on the stage, now for more than a decade.

Fluid interaction, improvisational jams, feature length instrumentals and alternating lead vocalists with three part harmonies—they're widely known as Fort Worth's workingman's jamband and enjoy a ranking reputation among the region's most talented of touring acts. From triple-length concept records to 3 and 4 minute slices of Americana, their studio efforts have run the gamut and been met the world over with much acclaim.

They write good songs. They put together quality records. They explore, develop, and experience their music in different ways every time they do a show. Studio and stage—these are the Peach Truck hemispheres of existence. They are distinct yet connected. They are independent yet inseparable. And within the ebb and flow of those two worlds one may take hold of the unique language that is shared among these musicians. They find it at home in their studio. They find it on the stage when they take to the road. And when those two things are put together, they call it Southern Harmony and Jam Music for the Soul.