Rachael Benjamin/Peaks and Valleys

Rachael Benjamin/Peaks and Valleys


Soft, Sweet, Sounds of the South and Brooklyn


Rachael Benjamin came from a small Kentucky town. She grew up listening to her grandmother Anna Lou, play old time mountain music and hymns. While living in Kentucky she took to the influences of Jean Ritchie and Elizabeth Cotton. She moved to Brooklyn to work in social work but kept writing and singing in the evenings. Her songs are soft, sweet, and haunting of another time or place.

Rachael met David Boyel and they started playing together. David is a carpet bagger from New Jersey from a different time he sings with a bit of sadness and longing in his voice of simpler times and earlier music. David plays claw hammer banjo and guitar.

Together Peaks and Valleys has been playing around Brooklyn and New Jersey. Recently booking at such places like Mercury Lounge, Lucky Cat, Greenpoint Reformed Church, Matchless, Café Vivaldi, Creak and the Cave, The Farm, and New York Sings.

We are also playing the Folk Art Museum in New York in May and Kentucky in July.


2008 Self Titled Album, Peaks and Valleys
2006, Wedding Album, Rachael and Jason Benjamin
2005 Family Reunion, Rachael Benjamin
2004 Put it Together, Rachael Benjamin

Set List

Aprox: 30-45min but we have enough for 2 hours
By By Worm-David Boyle (Banjo) Rachael (Vocals)
Old Susanna-Steven Foster
Family Reunion (Guitar, Vocals, and Banjo)
Love (Auto Harp, Vocals, Banjo)
Kentucky Song (Guitar, Banjo, and Vocals)
Clucked Hen-traditional
All the Good Times Are Past and Gone-traditional
Green Living World -David Boyle (guitar, vocals, and auto harp)
Family Reunion (guitar, vocals, and banjo)