loud, raw, energetic, rock. Enough with the nickelback buttrock thing and enough with the whiny indie/folk already. Time for real rock again. Our EP was recorded & mixed in 4 hours, forget countless overdubs and overproducing records - keep it true, keep it raw... that's how we see it anyway.


peal |pel| noun A loud repeated or reverberating sound of thunder.

This is exactly what you get from these four estranged outcasts. Thunder. From a gloomy, lonesome corner of the Shark River docks in Neptune, New Jersey, PEAL seems to thrive in the shadows. As heard on the recently self-released "Whenever I Can Have It Habit" which is a split album shared with friends S3R1A7 FLXW3R, PEAL's sound is defined by the savage rock riffs and visceral singing and songwriting of Rob Blake. Rob often displays a smooth spot-on singing style, which seamlessly veers off into the scathing shriek of a water deprived vulture. These musical disasterpieces are guided by a bludgeoning rhythm section provided by drummer John Sancilio, and bassist Joey Connell, who lock in together like a puzzle in a psych ward. Every song is branded with the lead guitar of Joe Reilly, so versatile, you may experience 5 genres of music in one solo without even realizing it. PEAL has proven themselves to be a solid, head strong group from a rather insane scene of other bands, musicians, philosophers, fanatics and criminals. They seem to possess the ability to harness elements from their refuge of chaos while maintaining the professionalism of a focused and driven enterprise.

truth lies in the heart

influences: The Jesus Lizard, TAD, Mr. Bungle, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Modest Mouse, Led Zeppelin, At the Drive-in, Pavement, Alice in Chains, Sunny Day Real Estate, Queens of the Stone Age, Pixies, Kyuss, Tomahawk, Captain Beefheart, Electric Wizard, Melvins


"Whenever I Can Have It Habit" - November 2010