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"PEAL - "Whenever I Can Have It Habit""

New Jersey’s PEAL is on the brink of something special with the release of their debut EP.

The four-piece share a place in Neptune, which doubles up as their rehearsal and recording studio. The close-knit living conditions have seen them chop and change their material in a bid to keep their underground roots alive, as well as appealing to the mainstream.

11 minutes of grunge-ridden-angst drives through the speakers with clarity and consistency. ‘Whiplash’ picks up where Alice In Chains Facelift left off, while ’1.21 Gigawatts’ could have come straight out of the NWOBM scene.

There is striking resemblance here that draws comparisons with Tool’s Opiate EP, in respect that there is something special about to happen with this talented ensemble on their next output, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

- Chybucca Sounds


"Whenever I Can Have It Habit" - November 2010



peal |pel| noun A loud repeated or reverberating sound of thunder.

This is exactly what you get from these four estranged outcasts. Thunder. From a gloomy, lonesome corner of the Shark River docks in Neptune, New Jersey, PEAL seems to thrive in the shadows. As heard on the recently self-released "Whenever I Can Have It Habit" which is a split album shared with friends S3R1A7 FLXW3R, PEAL's sound is defined by the savage rock riffs and visceral singing and songwriting of Rob Blake. Rob often displays a smooth spot-on singing style, which seamlessly veers off into the scathing shriek of a water deprived vulture. These musical disasterpieces are guided by a bludgeoning rhythm section provided by drummer John Sancilio, and bassist Joey Connell, who lock in together like a puzzle in a psych ward. Every song is branded with the lead guitar of Joe Reilly, so versatile, you may experience 5 genres of music in one solo without even realizing it. PEAL has proven themselves to be a solid, head strong group from a rather insane scene of other bands, musicians, philosophers, fanatics and criminals. They seem to possess the ability to harness elements from their refuge of chaos while maintaining the professionalism of a focused and driven enterprise.

truth lies in the heart

influences: The Jesus Lizard, TAD, Mr. Bungle, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Modest Mouse, Led Zeppelin, At the Drive-in, Pavement, Alice in Chains, Sunny Day Real Estate, Queens of the Stone Age, Pixies, Kyuss, Tomahawk, Captain Beefheart, Electric Wizard, Melvins