we are 3 best friends that are playing music because we love to do this and we love to have fun. Being on stage is the greatest thing in the world. Our music is kind of a mixture beetwen Punkrock and Pop... Our shows are full of energy and fun!


We are playing music for two years now and we write all our songs by ourselfs. The biggest influence comes from Blink182 and Plus44. We are a special band because to us, fun is very important, but at the same time we are trying to keep the quality of our music very high. We love to play shows, but also to sit in our bandroom and write songs. To us, music is more than just something you can listen to. It's the best thing in the world because you can do so many things with it. Music is our live! We are three very good friends. We almost are brothers because we know each other since we were little babies. So you can also here the good atmosphere of our friendship in our songs. we all live in Basel(switzerland) and we still go to school. And we spend most of our free time playing music.
So you can see we are a ambitious Band that is just
enjoying playing shows and making music!

so ROCK ON!!


Our first album is called "Leaving the station".

Set List

we have songs for about one and a half hours (90minutes)