Pearl and the Beard
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Pearl and the Beard

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Acoustic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Exploring Dark Waters: Digging Deep with Brooklyn's Own Pearl and the Beard"

“Neverland’s got nothing on the whimsical world constructed by Pearl and the Beard. The N.Y.C. based trio carries listeners on their backs through a DIY dreamland that is unpredictable yet safe and warm like the comfort of one’s own bed. - Bust Magazine

"Good Listener"

“Brooklyn trio Pearl and the Beard make sweet and soulful campfire folk, but when they play live, they add in a jolt of quirk that takes their music to the next level.” - Nylon Magazine

"Pearl and the Beard: Live on Sound Check with John Schaefer"

"The Brooklyn, NY-based trio Pearl and the Beard are known for infusing a little happiness into their dark and alluring folk songs."

"Pearl and the Beard: God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson"

"Pearl and the Beard are creative and talented, especially when it comes to the combining of individual ability to produce the greatest outcome."
- Knocks From The Underground

"Pearl and the Beard: The Real Deal"

“Powerful, haunting melodies, coupled with sweet, soft guitar picking and rhythmic percussion has established Pearl and the Beard as one of the hottest acts to emerge from the Brooklyn indie scene, generating fans who love them the way they are, and the way they’ve always been.” - Deli Magazine

"Pearl and the Beard"

"Sweet, gentle and scrumptious, the music of Brooklyn trio Pearl and the Beard conjures up lazy summer afternoons at just the time we need that kind of thing most. The group consists of just three souls—Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price and Jeremy Styles—but its sophisticated vocal harmonies and crafty arrangements make a big impression on the combo’s recently issued debut CD, God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson." - Time Out New York

"Pearl and the Beard, Live @ Joe's Pub"

"The Brooklyn trio... features silky, three-part vocal harmonies, equally alluring and arresting. Blending campfire folk with damaged marching band dirges, this group of NYC folksters has stumbled upon a new, happier breed of freak folk... Behind the group’s charming veneer are moving, honest stories wrapped in gut-churning cello, propelled by melodies that burrow themselves into your brain and call it home."
- Beyond Race Magazine

"An Underground Scene, With Great Acoustics"

“…As Pearl and the Beard joyfully belted their song “Reverend,” with its rolling beat and lilting harmonies, to a growing crowd on the [subway] platform… commuters missed their trains to stay and listen, unsure what was happening—only that it was a New York moment not to be missed.” - Wall Street Journal

"At Home With Pearl and the Beard..."

Pearl and the Beard’s gentle folk melodies and graceful, cohesive harmonies beg to be listened to in a homey log cabin somewhere. And the duo did record their first EP, At Home with Pearl and the Beard, at home – in Brooklyn. Using household items like benches, keys, and a washing machine to create unique organic sounds, the pair - Jocelyn Mackenzie and Jeremy Styles – created a four-song set of gorgeous gentle folk melodies, traced by soft entangled vocals. All four tracks are stunning, but two are clear standouts. “Good Morning” has an ethereal childlike quality, from lyrics like “her hand was a catfish and her leg was an eel” to it’s jangling keys and chirping birds which bookend the song. “Donny & Johnny” shows the pair can also treat sadness with levity. The song opens with claps and a shaker but is punctuated by the melancholy chorus: “They say that come summer Coney Island’s gone / They’re putting up condos where the Wonderwheel was.” The pair’s full-length will be eagerly anticipated. - Rebel Spirit Music

"Flagpole Magazine"

"Pearl and the Beard play lovely, thoughtful folk ballads that are perfect for cozy, lazy Sundays. Each musician is also an exceptionally talented vocalist, and the rich vocal melodies are carefully arranged around warm harmonies. There is a wide range of mood and emotion captured here, from soothing to brooding, with just a touch of Gothic drama. This is really exceptional songwriting, and the interplay between vocalists reminds me of Dirty Projectors more than any traditional folk act.." - Flagpole Magazine (Athens)

"SoHo Journal"

“Pearl and the Beard is modern folk at its most graceful. Sans pretense and fresh with tangled harmonies… their simple lyrics are lifted with airy, soul-turning melodies yet reasoned by earthy sounds. It’s unique and exceptional.” - SoHo Journal

"Put your claps on wax!"

"...Good, honest, sweet and soft... the interplay between the two singers is the highlight of this act's potential." - Deli Magazine

"Pearl and the Beard"

"...A soaring, stomping celebration of sound that warms both heart and toes." - Urban Folk Magazine

"Breath of Fresh Air"

"Quirky Brooklyn folk trio Pearl and the Beard... is a breath of fresh air in New York's cluttered music scene, and they're well on their way to success."

- BreakThru Radio


"At Home with Pearl and the Beard" EP
2007, Self-released then re-released on ((family reocrds))

"Three Windmills" Live EP
2008, Self-Released

"God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson" LP
2009, ((family records))

"Black Vessel EP" EP
2010, ((family records))

"Killing the Darlings"
2011, ((family records))



Pearl and the Beard is three voices, one cello, one guitar, one glockenspiel, one melodica, several drums, ninety-six teeth, and one soul. Former strangers Jocelyn Mackenzie, Emily Hope Price and Jeremy Styles were united in the great city of New York. Each had migrated there from a far corner of the nation with naught but food in their pockets and money in their bellies. Each had the same true love. Since then, the three have nested, and their unique brand of brightly melodic song craft continues to blossom of its own accord.

The band's genre-bending and expectation-defying sound has since burst the trio out of the confines of the New York music scene, allowing them to traipse the United States on a multitude of national tours and across the pond for a hugely successful inaugural UK tour in 2011. They’ve caught the attention of The Boston Globe, Filter Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and thousands of wildly dedicated fans both local and international. Their haunting music video for “The Lament of Coronado Brown” even made its debut on NPR’s acclaimed music site, All Songs Considered.

Pearl and the Beard’s live show is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The band captivates their audience from first note to last, leaving fans and press alike completely engrossed in the world they’ve created with their soaring and sensual songs. From subway platform to park to field to brightly lit venue stage, Pearl and the Beard take over whatever space they occupy, including the people occupying it with them, prompting The Wall Street Journal to comment “…as Pearl and the Beard joyfully belted... to a growing crowd on the [subway] platform… commuters missed their trains to stay and listen, unsure what was happening—only that it was a New York moment not to be missed.”

Pearl and the Beard loves you the way you’ve always been…and it’s quickly becoming clear that wherever they go, the feeling is mutual.