Pearl Bottom Radio

Pearl Bottom Radio

 Griffin, Georgia, USA

Born July 2007, on the streets of a southern brawl town...


Born July 2007, on the streets of a southern brawl town...

Childhood friends, Lee White and Mike Helton hadn't seen or heard from each other in over ten years until a chance reunite. After a deep conversation in a local bar about the state of Roots Rock, they quickly decided on a jam session to create just that.

Lee invited his friend, Jonathon Ross, to join the first jams as a bass player. Al Tilley, PBR’s original drummer, had the spark and the space to jam, so they began writing songs like crazy.

Jon's good bud, David Schallot, was invited to join the jam a few weeks later to rock out the rhythm. Then, Brad Perkins entered when Al bid farewell to the rock and roll life, and the band hasn't missed a beat.

When Pearl Bottom Radio warms up the amps, it's like a fine whiskey on the bar, just waitin' to hit you in the gut.


Booking/Publicity: Jeri Maxedon -


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Set List

Break The Seal
No More Blood
Where We Need To Be
Women Without Whiskey (Cover)
Dead Flowers (Cover)
Shake It True
Blood Stone (Capo 3)
Let It Bleed (Capo 3, Cover)
Last One To Know
Smoke Rings (Double Drop D)
More Than A Friend
Purdy Lights
Mercedez Benz (Cover)
Mama's Got A Shotgun
Empty Bottle Dancer
Wishing Well