Pearl Bridge

Pearl Bridge

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Undoubtedly a great live band that can usher a crowd to places both emotionally and spiritually, Pearl Bridge is on the up-and-coming as one of the top pop/rock bands in the country.


Emerging from a existence of delayed-gratification, Pearl Bridge just may be blooming at the right time. "We have had songs and ideas brewing in our heads for a long time. But now, the timing seems right. We are still in the infancy of continuing to find our sound as a band, but I believe we will continue to distill the honesty of our musical and spiritual road getting here." - PB. The Pearl Bridge EP has a blend of soulful lyrics and energetic tones that selectively mine regional influences. It captures a record-full of undeniable grooves. With standout tracks like "Tomorrow, How to Love Again, and Highest Heaven," the Pearl Bridge EP is an essential addition to any music lover's library.


Self Titled "EP"