Pearl Gates

Pearl Gates

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MY music is fun, highly interesting and influential in the sense that it can provoke thought, cause jubliation and bring people together. All I have are stories to tell, and I think they bring elements people can relate to and ultimately enjoy!


Being the youngest and most anticipated artist in hip hop has proven to be hard work for a charismatic rapper by the name of Pearl Gates. As a product of Washington Heights, situated in uptown Manhattan, Gates has shown the underground scene he is a force to be reckoned with, continuously blessing music industry insiders and hip hop fans with constant hits and mind-boggling raps. And to top that off, he flaunts his achievements at the age of ONLY 19. Pearl understood coming into the rap game that because of his age and where he is from, he would automatically be considered an underdog. This, however, did not take away from his deep determination to be heard and recognized not only by music fans all over, but fellow artists as well. Mastering the combination of a dynamic flow, an outstanding charisma and jaw- dropping lyrics as well as exhibiting versatility within every verse by intertwining his songs with real life experiences are examples of how Pearl Gates is quickly raising the bar of being accepted as a dope artist. Gates continues to be persistent and hard working, an attitude that has gained respect from everybody who has worked with him. If his potential continues to be as promising as most believe, then this soon- to- be star will undoubtedly change the game. for more!


I Want IT (Single)

Set List

My typical Set list is 15-30 minutes. I tend to mix it up, performing complete songs and cutting short others for a more dynamic effect.

1. Everywhere
2. I Want IT
3. Dance From Far
4. Get Hype
5. Get Into It
6. Goodwill
7. City Nights

And a mixture of other songs. My typical repertoire for covers is I take an industry instrumental and remix the song.