Pearl Handle Band

Pearl Handle Band

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The Pearl Handle Band is comprised of five musician/singers that have each worked over 35 years in professional music. Each member has had extensive touring experience, and recording experience with some of the top Nashville and Chicago recording studios


Stacy Doty--Worked with RCA and a few Independant Record companies and recorded songs released on a Compilation CD. Went to Toronto, Canada to record with Nightengale Productions. Toured with The Nancy Hays show for over 10 years all over the USA. Toured for many years with bands all over the central USA region. Penned a #4 single for a very distinguished artist in the late 80's.

Richard Faust--Recorded a CD currently on sale on CMT. Many artists from the Amazing Rhythum Aces were on the CD recording the guitar, drum and other parts.
Toured for years with many bands including Illinois Band, Sister Kate, and many others.


The Way It Is

Set List

Please view our online website for songlist. Sets vary with clients needs.