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"Madison Halloween"

Pearl Snap Saturday -- the band favored by contest organizer and ASM Campus Relations chair Christie Penn because of their similarity to O.A.R. -- took the stage next, motivating a handful of dancing college girls. Their act was perhaps the most polished of the group and the lead singer was adept at appealing to the audience while strumming his acoustic. This is a tight band that fits right in on the Langdon circuit and would be the ideal act for State St. bars looking to add some live music to their offerings.

A quick aside: If you travel to other college towns in the Big Ten (I'm thinking of Iowa City and State College), you'll often encounter small cover charges at bars used to pay college bands that look and sound a lot like Pearl Snap Saturday. Why not Madison? Why couldn't The Pub put up a stage and book bands? The Plaza's back room would be the perfect venue for college kids to see their friends play.

You might find that the kids will be momentarily distracted from chugging booze and limit their intake to a healthier amount. All of the bands playing at the Majestic deserve wider audiences and lower State St. bars could add a lot to the scene if they started presenting music.
- Isthmus Paper - The Daily Page


Keep This Night Alive (EP)

-Let's Dance
-Trip on Me
-Keep This Night Alive
-Best of You

The songs are on our website, myspace, and facebook webpages for the public to hear and purchase.



The road leading to the band Pearl Snap Saturday was a long and winding one. It started in the summer of 2006, as Matt Dahl began seeking out musicians in the area with aspirations to form a band. By making some phone calls, putting out flyers, and searching various websites, Matt was able to find a range of different musicians in the area. Although he started his search in June of 2006, it was not until the following summer that his hunt was complete.

Matt first met up with a talented bassist, Mike Georgia, in the spring of 2007. The two met for a quick jam session and within only a few minutes, both Matt and Mike knew they had hit it off. Noticing the two had similar music interests and playing styles, Matt invited Mike to be in the band on the spot. A few months later, Mike brought in a gifted guitarist and former band-mate of his, Matt Perry, to practice with the group for the day. The band was sounding so good with the new lead guitar in the mix, that before he could leave the practice, Perry was invited to be in the band as well.

After playing a few acoustic shows, the guys decided they needed to find a drummer to drive the beat of their music. Matt was able to find Travis Kaun during a search for drummers and wanted to bring him in right away for a jam session with the band. It didn’t take long to invite Travis into the band either as the guys found him to be very talented, while having a lot of the same musical tastes as them also. The final piece of the puzzle was found when Travis invited fellow UW band member Steve White over to play his saxophone with the guys. All Steve had to do was play with the guys for about thirty seconds, and each guy knew he would be a great fit for the band. The energy and sound Steve brought to that practice was amazing and it was a perfect way to cap off the band.

The sound of Pearl Snap Saturday can be classified within the rock genre. While they are a rock band, Pearl Snap Saturday loves to incorporate all styles of music into their playing. They have been known to insert many other styles of music including: blues, classic rock, oldies rock and roll, pop, and hip-hop. The band is influenced by many artists including the Dave Matthews Band, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.

The name Pearl Snap Saturday comes from a ritual that was started by Matt and his college buddies at the University of Wisconsin. Frequently the guys would wake up on a Saturday morning, throw on an old pearl snap button shirt, and spend the day at local establishments around town. These days soon became famously known as “pearl snap Saturdays”. It was on one of those pearl snap Saturdays that Matt and a few friends performed music at a bar for the first time. Albeit this was on a karaoke machine, but it was close enough. Matt and the band can be seen wearing pearl snap shirts while playing live shows and encourage their fans to do the same to make every night a “pearl snap Saturday”.