Pearl Snap Western Brown

Pearl Snap Western Brown

 Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

PSWB's music is a spiraling flux of both musical passion and technical ability. Comparisons to Tool, Mr. Bungle, and Yes are made often. They strive to push themselves in both the writing process and the performing aspect.


Pearl Snap Western Brown is a progressive rock quartet that currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan. However, it’s heart and/or soul is firmly rooted in The Thumb of Michigan - a region also known as the birthplace of the mid-western renaissance. As one might expect, the unusual location of the main component of the circulatory and/or lymphatic systems in the digit that was a key ingredient to humanities dominance over this and god willing other planets, has had a substantial effect on PS-WB’s biochemical and/or gastrointestinal makeup. The same country side that the Michigan Militia, the Nichols Brothers, and the Pumpkin Festival were allowed to thrive has tempered and/or basted their spirits and/or ghosts to a plateau where the things that truly matter in life can be narrowed down to blaze orange, barn parties, conspiracy theories, the right to bear arms and/or the right to bare arms; especially in flannels and/or top fermented, bottled, conditioned, fresh from the musty basement-rock fury that boasts of its own mammalian pride.


Halfass Henry

Written By: A. Behrends

Step through the obvious, light a candle.
Nod to the envious, start a fire.
He seemed so sure of it, so sure he was right.
I couldn't bring him down to tell him that his time was up...

He loved lovers, lovers keep you from the cold.

Swept up in lion's garb, a mouth full of honey.
Warming by the broiling can, full of smoke and sand.
Into the obvious we start a fire.

It seems as though he loved lovers, lovers keep you from the cold.

Where was it you felt the sting of cold?
Of life?

He'll stay with us forever.
So obvious his way was lost.
He'll be with us forever.

Wasted. He wasted all of his time, wasted, around one town.
Around here...

Broken down and still, he is the one that we ignore...
He's risen up again, yeah! Rejoice!

Big Glass Blue Delicious

Written By: A. Behrends

Ride that big glass blue delicious, oh...
It's big and blue, better than you are...
And if I claim I'm having visions,
it's 'cause of my clear reflection in the mirror.

Ride, oh, just ride!
Ride, just ride. Ride the lift in the night, we've all gotta go some time.

Top floor, bottom or middle ground?


Self-titled EP copyright 2009 Pearl Snap Western Brown