Powerful melodies, church-like harmonies and a mixture of sad ballads and fuzzy rock tunes, with echoes of Elevator to Hell, Julie Doiron, and Canada’s east coast indie-folk scene. We make music for surviving Saskatchewan winters.


All once members of a multitude of Saskatoon punk rock bands throughout the days, months, and years of the past and present tense, Pearson is the collective and collected efforts of three young gentlemen, and one lovely lady, to say exactly what they mean (and mean exactly what they say). Having had a bit of a look around the world, Pearson came to the the conclusion that hiding oneself (and most especially one's inner life, the parts of the whole that make us all wholly worthwhile) behind the all-too-easily conjured barriers of irony and sarcasm was, in a word, Bullshit. Henceforth, they declared a war; a war of slow-core lullabys and love songs, of melody and harmony. Earnest and heartfelt, quiet and slow. Maybe war is entirely the wrong word. Yes, yes it is.


LP -Clear Thinking on Mixed Feelings (2008)