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Peasants Of Posture is one of those rare underground groups that is involved in Rap, Hip-Hop, Dance, and Metal Mixing. They actually rap around the music they compose. Once you get your hands on their CD you'll feel almost the irresistible urge to shake your ass like a lunatic. The group members are very cool, honest, sincere and have fine musical taste.

- United Fanzine


These guys definitely have open-minded taste, and don't hold back to apply this to their music, which is most divergent to say the least. Overall the material is Hip-hop in nature, although there's way more incorporated in comparison with it's regular interpretation. From a group like this you might expect just about anything. Stay tuned for more to come from this Melting Pot/ Hip-Hop group. - Underground Scene Report-Holland


Peasants of Posture samples lots of odd stuff. Where else would you hear somebody samplin' the intro to a Warlock song? This underground Rap, incorporated with some Metal as well, is what makes this so excellent. What a pleasant change of pace. I beg you to open up your heads and give them a shot. If anything, this is good bone smokin' music. - Kra'zine


As opposed to the seemingly endless string of thrashmetal diehards peddling their wares, we don't normally receive too many all-out Rap-oriented CD's. That fact alone makes the Peasants Of Posture stand out. They get pretty creative with their hip-hop too, for that matter, and their best impression is made when rollin' with a more diabolical and creepier vibe that's a little reminiscent of MC 900FT, JESUS, or KID FROST.

Jerry Rutherford - Curious Goods Magazine


Unlike any CD I've received before, is this twelve song effort from the Peasants of Posture. This rock/hip-hop group has a firm and deep appreciation for metal.
I will admit that I am not the perfect afficionado of rap/hip-hop, etc., but this was pretty entertaining. So if you have an appreciation for this, or seek something a little different, check out the Peasants Of Posture.

M.B. - ILL Literature Magazine


"None of your ordinary, run-of-the-mill crap."
"Proving that it's not all surfing and space-shuttle launches in Florida, the Peasant Of Posture are trying to pioneer gloom-rock". - HHC, the No. 1 Rap Magazine


CD--Welcome to Scovill Avenue



The Tampa Bay area's Peasants Of Posture is a seasoned band of musicians with an ethereal blend of talents. These industrial-doom rockers combine a penchant for hard-driving musical anomalies with cosmic lyrical prowess.
Peasants Of Posture intertwines the dark, foreboding imagery of grindcore, funkadelic, metal, rap, R & B, goth, and industrial to create a nomenclature of originality, pitchblending doom, and aggregate, nondescript swaddle.
The band's moniker is derivitive of two words which, when blended together, represent the oppressed who valiantly attempt to "posture" themselves atop conformity with the bourgois nobility.
The group is the quintessential industrial-strength rock grunge--the alluring existentialism of alternative and, most surprisingly, well-delivered swing of contemporary underground altruism. They blend old school riffs and harmonies with modern-day gristle and power. According to many devoted world-wide moguls who've already been exposed, Peasants Of Posture is the perfect blend of originality and creativity transcending all musical genres with the "right ingredients of morbidity, enlightenment, humor, and hardcore sustenance".