Pebble Theory
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Pebble Theory

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE

San Francisco, California, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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"Pebble Theory has arrived."

Every once in a great while, a band bursts onto the scene with a sound so fresh, so vibrant, so emotionally and musically appealing that one word says it all: ORIGINAL.

Pebble Theory has arrived.

The four man musical juggernaut that is Pebble Theory seem to understand what so many of their contemporaries cannot seem to grasp: the art of dynamics. The best songwriting and performances are built on the layers of shifting melodies and dynamics that mirror the human condition—sometimes aggressive, sometimes languid, other times somber and reflective. Always moving. Always real.

This is Pebble Theory. Dynamic and Real. One listen to their self-titled debut disc and one gets the feeling that Eros Resmini Jr. (vox), Tim Pryde (guitar), Drew U’Ren (skins) and Douglas Garay are not only great musicians, they are music fans. Echoes of the Police, Dave Mathews weave in and out of this impressive nine song debut…familiar, yet…original. The casual listener might mistake ‘Pebble Theory’ as a singer/songwriter confessional driven solely by the captivating vocal presence and lyrics of Eros Resmini.

However, part of what makes this disc so enjoyable is the way in which the entire band colors each tune. ’24 Days’, the disc’s hypnotic closer is penned entirely by Resmini. But listen. Listen closer…to Tim Pryde’s memorable accompanying melodies swirl around dreamy lyrics… ”Love is spinning circles in my mind”. Tasty.

Don’t be afraid to crank these tunes on a high-end stereo system, your stock car stereo. Or, if you want a head trip that’s worth it, slip on the headphones. The production value is almost unheard of for such a young band not backed by a major label recording budget. Each mix is incredibly balanced and there is a clarity to every instrument that makes you swear this is no virgin effort.

Pebble Theory is not only a band that needs to be heard, they need to be experienced. The following are excerpts from the experience.

‘My Lady’ comes on like a sultry for lovers-only mid-tempo soundscape. Think singer/songwriter. Think Seal if he had a rocking band. Then stop thinking. Tastfully ratty guitars and my God, a guitar solo and harmonics. To top it off, the bass line and drums are…intelligent. Amidst these times of the celebrated ‘non-musician’ musician, this level of craftsmanship is a breath of fresh air.

‘Status Quo’ Eros Resmini Jr. is able to convey a wide array of emotion within the context of a single song, sometimes a single verse, which is gloriously evident in the richly complex and rocking Status Quo.

‘Weatherman’ Halfway through their debut, ‘Weatherman’ storms in and gives us a glimpse into the diversity that Pebble Theory unleashes, when it’s least expected. Like the bastard son of a Dave Mathews/Genesis tryst, ‘Weatherman’ has it all. Smart guitar lines, athletic tempo changes and lyrics that mean something different every time you listen.

‘SFNYC’ is a slow burn and may very well be the sleeper smash of ’05. A smokey, jazz-flavored tune, there is a story line we can all relate to—the differences men and women love to hate---all backed by an intoxicating backbeat that pushes and pulls you in—compliments of ace skinsman Drew U’Ren. - Monster Music - Greg Pederson


Pebble Theory, 2004
Air, 2007
Something Better, 2009
Bay Collective: Compilation CD featuring "Animal" by Pebble Theory



Pebble Theory emerges from the eclectic San Francisco scene to offer a music style firmly rooted in pre-subgenre rock. Passionate, intelligent and compelling, Pebble Theory provides a sound that is both thought provoking and truly enjoyable to listen to.

Eros Resmini (vocalist, rhythm guitar), Tim Pryde (lead guitar), Drew U'Ren (percussion) and Nick Massaro (bass) successfully adapt their diverse instrumental styles into a smooth transformation of past influence and individual musicianship.

Pebble Theory Released their 3rd Album "Something Better" in June 2009. "Something Better" offers a mature, inventive, and groove-enticing sound; focused on a reflective and innovative compositional style.

They support original music and musicians who persevere to actively pursue its
continual growth.