Los Pecados de Maria/Sins of Mary
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Los Pecados de Maria/Sins of Mary

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Band Latin Rock


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"Girls that Rock!"

Featured artist for January 2010

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spotlightartist, September 09/23/09, 2009

Founded in 2004 by lead vocalist Marialen Magaña, Los Pecados De Maria combine the power of Hard Rock and the influences of their Latino heritage to bring an original mix of music and emotion to Latin Alternative Fans. With a combination of styles ranging from the traditional to the unique, LPDM has shared the stage with world-known acts like El tri, Mago De Oz, Enanitos Verdes, Panteon Roccoco and more! On this edition of the Spotlight we talk to the band about their history and recent time touring outside their hometown of Chicago to promote their album ”Por Si Una Vez”.

ROCKOLETA : Can you give us a brief history of who Los Pecados de Maria are and what you guys are about?

LPDM : Los Pecados de Maria are four souls, based out of Chicago. We combine the power of Hard Rock with the influences of our Latin Heritage and bring a loud, emotional mix to the Rock En Español genre.

ROCKOLETA : In your bio you speak about Los Pecados having its own “culture” and strong foundations in Mexican tradition, art and music. Can you explain this further and tell us how this might make Pecados different from other bands?

LPDM : To begin with the name itself is based on a Religious icon and, knowing how Latinos can be super-religious and superstitious, we let that play into the skull and dark side of the Day of the Dead. But, to be honest, our name has nothing to do with the Virgin Mary. However, the fans are the ones that made that relationship and we embraced it. Our foundation in Mexican tradition comes from our parents. Once you are Mexican, they will not let you forget it! It’s those details and taboos that we bring into our music.

ROCKOLETA : The single, and video, ”Por Si Una Vez” is perhaps one of the most widely listened to tracks from the band. It is like a tribute to anyone that has ever had a feeling of loneliness, despair, persecution or hopelessness and it tells them to keep looking forward, to find the light at the end of the tunnel and reminds them that the future is in their hands. What was the motivation for composing this song? Is there a personal story that inspired the lyrics?

LPDM : ”Por Si Una Vez” will always be dedicated to those in despair. Everyone has had a moment of doubt and desperation in their lives. This song speaks to you, no matter who you are. It lets you know that you are not the only one with a problem facing you. But, what are you going to do about it? The song gives you all the good wishing you can ask for. “May health always be with you, may your children respect you when you are old, may you enjoy love to the fullest!” At the end of the day, each one of us is in control of our own destiny!

ROCKOLETA : You guys released your album by the same name “Por Si Una Vez” and have been touring to different areas of the United States to promote your material. How has LPDM been received in other parts of the US?

LPDM : Very well J everyone has been surprised by the music that we are playing and the performances that we give. And, they always throw in an "Especially coming from Chicago!" We still don’t understand what that's supposed to mean.

ROCKOLETA : Your music ranges from more traditional sounding tracks to more festive tracks to acoustic pop to a cover of “El Rey” and a even a children’s nursery rhyme. How would you describe LPDM’s musical style to your public? What is the motivation behind the varying styles that make up LPDM?

LPDM : It’s kind of wicked, you see all four of us have different influences. Javier is the Metal freak. Gus is always thinking of the hook, alternative view. Alex is more into Classic Rock and Marialen is more of a Concrete Blonde meets Janis Joplin. Mix all of that, and it becomes Los Pecados de Maria.

ROCKOLETA : Marialen has a style of dress that could be described as “sexy nurse” meets the “nun that got kicked out on bad behavior”. Taking that into consideration and the name of the band “Los Pecados de Maria” (“The Sins of Mary”), have you guys ever received any unjust criticism from spectators or religious fanatics that may not know the band? How do you handle this backlash?

LPDM : Well, to start off with, the name ”Los Pecados de Maria”, actually came from “Maria…len” but it was too long so we cut it short. Marialen loves the whole Goth look and the stage is her freedom of expression. A.J. Dante (designer from Chicago) does all her outfits. Luckily, we have never received any negative feedback regarding her way of dressing or of our image. We get more questions about the name than anything else.

ROCKOLETA : Last but not least, what can fans of Los Pecados de Maria expect from you in the near future?

LPDM : More music, videos and more sins! We are coming to a Pueblo near you!!!

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Por Si Una Vez



Los Pecados de Maria was formed in 2004 by lead singer Marialen Magana. Her inspiration for the group came after writing “Por Si Una Vez”, a song which would eventually become the band’s first single.

What she envisioned for the band was a combination of the rock influences of her youth, united with the traditional Mexican art and music of her culture. With this, she formed an image for the band that would shape the heart of Los Pecados de Maria.

The band started coming together when Tijuana native Javier Cazares jumped on board. His aggressive approach to the lead guitar was only complimented by the percussive style of bassist Agustin Santana. Their experience in songwriting only became enhanced by the solid legwork of drummer Alex Reynoso.

Together the four band members began to shape the style of rock that Marialen originally set out to achieve. The band’s live performances have an energy and excitement that can only be experienced in person.

Known to loyal fans as LPDM, their music challenges typical categories, with strong influences in blues, class rock and punk. They even throw in their own twist on a beloved children’s nursery rhyme.

One of the band’s greatest achievements to date include, opening for alternative rock band Moenia and the “Queen of Latin Rock”, Alejandra Guzman at Chicago’s historic Aragon Ballroom in 2007. The band raised their performance to a new level as they performed to a sea of new-found fans.

In the last five years, LPDM has also shared the stage with some of Latin America’s biggest music acts including El Tri, Mago de Oz, Fabia, Gloria Trevi, Julieta Venegas and many others.

With their heels dug into the “Spanish Rock” scene in Chicago, the band is expanding their reach throughout the United States having played shows in New York, Atlanta, Nashville, Dallas and Jacksonville, and plan on continuing to take the rest of the country by storm.

Not only limited to playing gigs with their Latino counterparts, the band also has the versatility of mixing up their music with their own English tracks, which opens up their audience reach to endless possibilities.