artistic, poetic, emotive, dynamic, explosive, unsafe but familiar, honest, inspired, renewed, FRESH, alive


PEDESTRIAN is an experiment in free music inspired by the greats.....songs written for the sake of the song and not the single......a live show worthy of stadiums and musicianship that has backed up some of the past decades' most popular artists( alanis morrisette, shakira, gary jules........)
PEDESTRIAN is a power trio that bring emotion, songcraft, and artistry to it's limits....a must hear for anyone in search of something real!!!!


Brain On A Stick

Written By: Joel Shearer

Brain on a stick
Music, lyrics-Joel Shearer
Shearer energy music ASCAP

Your face glowing it’s a disgrace knowing your mountain’s growing HIGH were slowly slowing to an end

Your head needs a baseball bat smacked, brains falling down now to the ground we gather round to celebrate

I swear something’s wrong

Hold me back SLAP under attack, lost track, smack up the day, we broke our backs living under you

Life ‘s made me understand you better and I know I am not, NOT, NOT, NOT your friend

I swear something wrong

Half ass, sneaky little half ass, this flag’s at half mass, I’ll pass and I think were gonna blow

If I had one wish it would be to see you slip rejoice in this, get high on this and now I’ll bask in it

I swear something’s wrong

This brain’s been stuck up on a stick, this brain’s been stuck on top of it, this brain is fucked, YOU’RE full of shit

Playing God

Written By: Joel Shearer

Playing god
Words and music, joel shearer( shearer energy music ) ascap

We retreat to cubbyholes, full of invention
But We fall short for we are obsessed with our possessions
We relive all that we can, take it in and swim
But we fall short for we are possessed by our obsessions

And I`m vamping out in leisurely walls of denial

I hide from the smog
I run for the door

Let`s play house, white picket fences
Let`s play dead, let`s play god and enjoy the view

We are spinning out of control, it`s probably so
Oh, But I don’t mind
It doesn`t affect this opportunity to present myself to me

So what for this clear blue sky
So what for the love at hand,
It`s trembling
From caffeine

I`m vamping out in excess overload

I hide from this world
I run to myself
Tell me how did we get this far if no one understands

I hide from myself
I run to the world
Tell me how did we come this far if we don`t understand


Written By: Joel Shearer

Lyrics, music(shearer)
Shearer energy music, ascap

I feel simple, I feel lost, I feel heavy with all the above
I want to get away, I’ve got to get away

One more blow will do me in, so I hide beneath this skin...
I am much safer here, It`s so much safer here

In the darkest parts of me, where I tend to find some peace
It`s not much better here, It can`t be better here

we get so overwhelmed by

Is it easier on you, when I pretend that I am through
we build our walls again, I`VE built our walls again

Sometimes love feels this free, sometimes love disagrees,
I`ll take what I can get, I take what I can get

we get so overwhelmed by

As the world falls on me, will the righteous ones believe?
I won’t get use to it, I can’t get used to it

Still the air tastes the same. Every face, shape and name
I’ve bled enough for now, I’ve bled enough for now




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