Pedo Pedro

Pedo Pedro


Pedo Pedro is a no-wave band from Montreal incorporating cha cha beats and an ultra-cheap-Chinese toy guitar. Their music is dedicated to Absolut Love: love without rule and border; against the law and the State. They sing in french because it’s more romantic.


Created in 2004 by Albert La Craque à l'air, Conan Moulan and Pedro Lopez, Pedo Pedro was a very minimalist band at the beginning: only a drum, a toy guitar and the voice (and fur) of Lopez. In 2008, Zornino Negromaron joined the band as the new bass player. The sound changed from minimalistic and harsh to something more rich and danceable.

The group has played essentialy in Montreal but it made some gigs outside in New York City, Québec City, to name just a few.

The core of the band is the toy-guitar played by Albert as a normal instrument. It’s limited to the diatonic scale but it’s enough to do rock’n’roll music. It sounds like the mixture of a synth and a electric guitar.


Réapprendre à vivre en chanson (2008 PVR)

Among many DIY cds/productions this is the first real E.P. of the band. It has more than 10 songs, mixed with weird speeches of Pedro. It also includes a remix by DJ Mutante and another one by Copromélomanie.

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