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Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina | INDIE

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., Argentina | INDIE
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"Canadian Music Week 2011 / Janele Moraes, Pedro Menendez & More"

TV Interview - Hispanos en Canada

"PEDRO MENENDEZ ENSEMBLE -" Mi Buenos Aires herido""

‘...Pedro Menéndez has caught the audiences with his restless quests in tango and folk music. After long periods of time of living abroad, we can witness today a bold creator that proposes a concept of tango out of the line of Piazzola, from which is difficult to escape.
His compositions shine for his direction as well as for the interpretation of the chosen musicians .
'Mi Buenos Aires herido' a record with a different artistic tango musicality, but better.’

by Rubén Ferrero

‘...It´s not strange that Argentinian jazz musicians want to get closed to the tango; both musical genres have a history in common in Buenos Aires...
The one who has got closer was musician Pedro Menéndez and his ‘Ensamble’ through the CD ‘Mi Buenos Aires herido’, but without betraying the tango essence. Their cadenced and nostalgic rhytms only are possible in current Buenos Aires century and Menéndez knew how to make use of them...’

by Hugo Martínez
Diario Popular

‘...All along his career, Pedro Menéndez has been composing music, not only for his own discographic productions, but for cinema, television and theatre pieces too in countries like Argentina and Germany. Well-known artists like Osvaldo Fattoruso, Rodolfo Mederos, Rubén Rada and Bernardo Baraj have also colaborated with him in different moments of his trayectory. For this occasion, Pedro Menéndez took out his ‘jazz suit’, put on the ‘tango one’ and released this interesting discographic material that carries his personal quality guarantee.’

by Diego Chacón

' "Mi Buenos Aires herido"... A Contemporary Tango CD that deserves to be listened...'

by Natalio Gorin
siglo XXI


Arquitectura Tango

The formal framework adopted by Pedro Menéndez’s new work is that of chamber music.
Yet, some outside nuances can be appreciated throughout the album, specially connected with diverse popular traditions. With the force of improvisation and the severity of the music scores, these seven pieces succeed one another
joined by a thread of “design unity”. Here tango is a state of mind rather than an expression of its music conventions. Songs like “Köln-Dombe
(perspectiva)”, “Asimetría” and “Deconstructango” embody the openness of Menéndez’s quest, who performs the piano, flute, soprano sax, trombone,
clarinet, bandoneón and oboe. Accompanied by Oscar Fassanelli (bandoneón), Patricio Villarejo (violoncello), María Eugenia Marsili (oboe), Fito
Vega (bass) and Gustavo Domínguez (drums). -

"PEDRO MENENDEZ ENSEMBLE - "Mi Buenos Aires herido""
Music, Art and Culture of

Mi Buenos Aires herido

Band: Pedro Menéndez Ensamble
Author: Menéndez Pedro
Composer: Menéndez Pedro

Label: Contemporaneo Art Music

Pedro Menéndez defined a line of composition which tends to maintain the sensitivity and the impulse tango, in a musical space which borrows from the jazz its structural matter.
It is contemporary Tango of room, moderate of jazz converts the improvisation of it into a feature of union.
It brings a different and personal vision, where the piano is the generator of it.
The musical colors of the flute, the French horn, the xylophone, the vibraphone, the sax soprano and the double bass diffuse their sonorities towards chamber music and symphonic music. Be added to that the authentic presence of the bandoneon.
Thanks to her talent of creator and with the quality of her interpretations, Pedro
Menéndez, lets foresee the birth of a work of very large value.

Ultimo tango en Buenos Aires - Salgan del Lio - Mi Buenos Aires herido - Gardeliando -
Lylemaysiana - Tango neon - Oleaje - Retrato - Tango neon 2 - Bachiana porteña n° 1 -
Oleaje 2 - Estacion retiro - Historia final - Tango neon 3 - / FRANCE by Bernardo Nudelmann

Music, Art and Culture of

Arquitectura Tango
Band: Jazztango Ensamble
Orchestra: Menéndez Pedro
Label: Contemporaneo Art Music

It is much more than pleasant, it is comforting that musicians, registered in the
dynamics and the history of the tango, did not cease enriching it and to think it thanks
to creations much vaster than those which would propose of simple repetitions.
It was thus always, fortunately. Of Caro With Salgan. De Rovira With Piazzolla. Of Saul Cosentino in Dino Saluzzi. The list is quite long.
Pedro Menéndez enters the tango. It visits it and revisits it. Respects and renovates it. Its leg jazz touches the matter tango. Symbiosis is successful, excellent interpretation.
To the centre an impressionist atmosphere, the piano, in more ofsonority expanding of a unit made up of flute, oboe, sax soprano, trombone, French horns, cor anglais,
violoncello, bandonion, and of a rhythm section of low and battery, gives life to these
septs parts developed remarkably well.
Within a framework of chamber music, these works, in which moments of improvisation contrast with an invaluable writing, preservethe popular spirit of the tango and the jazz.

Köln Dombe (perspectiva) - Diseño Tango - Milonguita - Las teorias de Fito - Asimetria -
Deconstructango - Sin testigos - Buenas noches Fer - / FRANCE by Bernardo Nudelmann


Arquitectura Tango
(Contemporaneo Art Music)

discographic work 'ARQUITECTURA TANGO"

Press Release by: Maurice Lèvar

(Contemporaneo Art Music - Buenos Aires - July

Chamber jazz with highly developed compositions
that preserve the popular spirit of tango music.
Pedro Menéndez: Piano, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Soprano
Sax, Trombone, Percussion, Bandoneon, Composition /
Oscar Fasanelli: Bandoneon / Patricio Villarejo:
Violoncello / Fito Vega: Bass / Gustavo Domínguez:
Drums / María Eugenia Marsili: Oboe

Pedro Menéndez is a prolific composer, more than 300
pieces for the most varied ensembles. The infinite
creativity and innovation of his compositions and the
own personal and unique style make him to be
recognized as a vanguardist.
As a talented multinstrumentalist, the audiences get
dazzled when Pedro naturally changes from the piano to
the flute, guitar, soprano sax or bandoneon, performing
virtuoso on improvisations and with subtlety selecting
notes upon developed armonies.
'ARQUITECTURA TANGO' is the logical reflect of his
long trayectory of restless quests on the rythms of his
country folk music -tango, candombe, and the strong
influences of jazz and contemporary classical
expressions. As a bold creator, he certainly proposes a
new tango concept out of the line of Piazzolla, from
which is so difficult to escape... The compositions bright
for his direction as well as for the interpretation of the
chosen musicians.

CD available at - JAZZ REVIEW


Evento marca lançamento do Festival de Inverno

O Sesc Rio e a Prefeitura de Nova Friburgo se juntam a partir de hoje, 16, para a realização da sétima edição do Festival de Inverno. Às 20h, no Chalé do Nova Friburgo Country Clube – a Casa do Festival – haverá o lançamento oficial do festival de 2008. As atrações terão início amanhã, 17, com destaque para o teatro e a música.
Porém, além desses dois gêneros, o festival conta também com literatura, dança e artes plásticas. É o maior evento de cultura da Região Serrana, pois o Sesc também beneficia Petrópolis e Teresópolis. Mais de 350 atrações movimentam o inverno em Nova Friburgo e demais cidades, com uma programação totalmente gratuita.
Com o apoio do Sistema Fecomércio-RJ, o Sesc Rio e a Prefeitura iniciam o Festival de Inverno em Nova Friburgo amanhã com a promessa de esquentar a estação mais fria do ano. Os destaques na primeira semana ficam por conta dos shows de João Bosco e Renata Arruda e, ainda na parte musical, chegará à cidade uma atração internacional, o multiinstrumentista argentino PEDRO MENENDEZ, que promete surpreender a platéia...

"PEDRO MENENDEZ ENSEMBLE - "Secretos de la Guitarra""

Featured Artist:
Pedro Menendez Ensemble
CD Title: Secretos de la Guitarra

Year: 2002

Record Label: Contemporaneo Art Music

Style: World Music

Musicians: Pedro Menendez (Spanish guitar, traverse
flute, pianica, acoustic bass, percussion, and vocals),
Daniel Serale (vibes, glockenspiel, xylophone and
cymbals), Daniel Buono (double bass), Raul Di Renzo
(violin), Ricardo Lanfiuti (viola), Fabio Loverso (cello),
Marcelo Nisinman (bandoneon), Daniel Miguez (drums
and bombo leguero), Gustavo Dominguez (percussion)

Review: “Secretos de la Guitarra” or ‘Secrets of the
Guitar’ is the ninth album of Argentinian multiinstrumentalist
and composer, Pedro Menendez. His
music is a whirlwind of the influences ranging from
Brazilian bossa nova, contemporary classical, tango,
Argentinian folk, and American jazz. The music is like a
gentle breeze on an otherwise warm still night in a
warm country very much like Argentina. Its rhythms
are graceful. It sways more than it swings. Menendez
tends to remain understated in making his point.
‘Secretos de la Guitarra’ is framed as almost a classical
concerto with four movements, and Menendez’s guitar
taking place of a string section. This piece sounds very
cinematic. This is not surprising since Menendez has
scored numerous films. But, it should not be taken as
background or ambient music. It is too well crafted for
that. It holds its own very well as it is, but the piece
could conceptually work as a score for a silent film.
As the title suggests, ‘Un dia un gato’ moves a like a
slinking orange cat hypnotically pursuing an imaginary
mouse in a field of tall grass and then stops, blinks and
perches herself strategically to carefully watching the
world around her. It is a placid piece of music with a
great deal of subtle beauty.
On ‘Como seran los Pirineos?,’ Menendez employs a trio
with himself on guitar, Buono on bass, and Serale on
vibes. This is played very delicately and persuasively
and as such may be the most beautiful and memorable
of the album. It is rooted in folk with a dash of the
The final piece is ‘Zam-jazz.’ It is dedicated to Oscar
Aleman who was Menendez’s teacher and guitarist to
Josephine Baker. This is the one piece that truly lends
itself to the jazz idiom. ‘Zam-jazz’ is an elegant tribute
to his maestro. As is the rest of the album, it is simple
and wise, graceful and heartfelt.

Tracks: Concierto Para Guitarra: Caricatura portena,
Vientos marinos, Milonga del camino, Secretos de la
guitarra; Serra dos arars; Un dia un gato, otro tangos;
Como seran los Pirineos?, Conexion Rio-Madrid; Zamjazz - JAZZ REVIEW by John Doll


Luna - Pedro Menendez (Contemporaneo)

Wonderfully sensual evocations from South America.
Pedro Menendez is a multi-instrumentalist from Argentina who has a fresh ear for blending the sounds of different musics. His brand of world-jazz fusion keeps
more than an arm’s length from both the New Age and rock-flavored camps. The jazz elements are most predominant, particularly in his expansive piano sounds.
The title track, which opens the disc, is a stately and majestic theme that seems drawn from the classical school as much as jazz or Latin music. As a pianist Menendez is certainly influenced as much by classical players as by Bill
Evans, Oscar Peterson or Vince Guaraldi. “Fuego” is quite fearsome and volcanic, “Canoa” more gently pastoral. “Piazzoleana” is presumably dedicated to the late tango master Astor Piazzolla, though the absence of
bandoneon obscures the reference. Each track has its own
special magic to offer. The Debussyian “Metamorfosis” is
exultant, vivid and way too short. Menendez’ fellow musicians are all talented and
unobtrusive, leaving the forefront to the piano. Gustavo Dominguez is an especially versatile percussionist. Daniel Serale’s mallets contribute sparkling textures to a few
tracks. Bassist Alejandro Cavalli is relegated to the background for the most part and could have been used a little more adventurously. Vocalist Mariana Melero only
appears on one track, “Canoa”, but her warm, delicate vibrance is a welcome addition.
Pedro Menendez has some very interesting musical visions to share. Let’s hope he mines some more of these gems in the near future. Recommended.

Track listing: Luna; Fuego; Arlequin; Piazzoleana; Canoa;
Metamorfosis; 1999; Una posibilidad; A-mar; Obstinator;
En las ruinas.
Personnel: Menendez, piano, flute, sampler, keyboards,
guitar, voice; Gustavo Dominguez, tabla, drums,
percussion, Tibetan bells; Alejandro Cavalli, bass; Daniel
Serale, vibraphone, xylophone; Mariana Melero, voice on

Style: Latin/World - ALL ABOUT JAZZ by Todd S. Jenkins



‘If you were lucky enough to be at the Elephant Room for the U.S. premiere of Zona Tango, then you know that all electronic music is not created equal. Blood ties between Spain, France, and Argentina are often difficult to tease out in the contemporary world, but a spin through the back catalog of this Buenos Aires trio offered a glimpse into the promise that taped music holds for keeping old styles alive. Bandleader Pedro Menéndez, equally at home singing, blowing soprano sax, and slinging the accordion, dealt with borrowed instruments and a sporadically noisy crowd as he and his partners in crime, bassist Fito Vega and percussionist Gerardo Stubrin, played over prerecorded beats and tones looped through the sound system. Shot through with bossa nova rhythms and tango inflections, they resurrected Astor Piazzolla's "Adios Nonino" and notched an original "La France" inspired by the surreal, beloved film Amélie. The first half of the set drew from the 2004 release Electronico, while the latter compositions drew from 2006's Brazil Tango. In the modern world, it's a bitch to distinguish one nation's lounge from another, but even playing on instruments that didn't belong to them, Menéndez and company pulled it off.’ - THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE by Dan Oko


W.O.A International signs on Argentinean virtuoso .W.O.A Management to introduce the music of Latin Star Pedro Menéndez to India

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Nov 08, 2008 – Goa, India –

W.O.A International proudly announces the signing of Argentinean virtuoso and multi instrumentalist Pedro Menéndez. Known as the creator of the new Avant Garde musical style in Argentina his music is a blend of Folk, Contemporary Classical and Jazz. W.O.A International is getting set to lay the stage for Pedro Menéndez to introduce India to this amazing style of music. “I personally am a fan of Pedro Menendez and the management is very excited about introducing Pedro to the Indian subcontinent” says Oliver Sean, President and Founder of W.O.A International, “being a company based primarily in Goa and with our culture that has a strong Latin influence we believe that Pedro Menéndez’ music will be well received not just in Goa but around the country” Pedro Menéndez is a brilliant composer and a talented multi instrumentalist that virtuously changes from the Piano to the Guitar, Winds & Bandoneon with a unique composition style mainly influenced by the rhythms of his country folk music (Tango, Candombe, Chacarera), Brazilian Bossa Nova, Jazz and Contemporary Classical Expressions. “I consider myself a bold creator, this could possibly be the reason I have created the new Avant Garde sound in Argentina” says Pedro Menéndez whose vast discography and a long career of live performances is impressive and destined to keep growing. The deal with W.O.A Management will see the musician touring India and the Middle East and getting his music released worldwide. With the excellent and one of a kind support system for Independent musicians that consists of W.O.A Events, W.O.A Artiste Management Group, W.O.A Records, W.O.A Publications, W.O.A Studios and W.O.A Music marketing, Pedro Menendez is destined to the music market in this region. The coming year will see Pedro as part of a one of a kind tour that is organised by W.O.A Events called the ‘W.O.A Records India Tour 2009’. Exciting times for the virtuoso and W.O.A Management ahead.# - W.O.A. INTERNATIONAL

"PEDRO MENENDEZ ENSEMBLE - SXSW 2008 - Six-Word Reviews of 763 SXSW MP3"

Introspective, engaging minor-key Argentinian jazz.

Excellent. (Rating: 5 stars) - THE MORNING NEWS by Paul Ford

"SXSW 2009 International Bands: PEDRO MENENDEZ JAZZTANGO ENSAMBLE - PETER´S SONGS: "Don't Cry for Argentina: Changing Tango's Promise""

Don't Cry for Argentina: Changing Tango's Promise

It may take two to tango, but Argentina's Pedro Menéndez is part of tango's triple threat. At SXSW last year, Menéndez wowed a modest Elephant Room crowd with his electronic tango trio, Zona Tango. This year, the multi-instrumentalist returns as Pedro Menéndez JazzTango Ensamble (Thu., Elephant Room, 11:45pm), incorporating classical compositions and folk traditions like Afro-Uruguayan drumming. Acolyte of the late Nuevo Tango pioneer Astor Piazzolla, Menéndez also performs as part of the Latin-tinged jazz-fusion operation Peter's Songs (Sat., Copa, 8pm). New disc Eclectico from the latter outfit was released in December. Menéndez isn't alone in tending tango's hot coals."


SXSW may be known for being a one-stop shop for all that's great in indie rock, but scratch a little deeper and you'll find they also play host to eclectic bands that perform many different genres all at once. Buenos Aires trio Zona Tango, whose music draws on electronica and Latin influences, is one such a band. Spearheaded by composer and multi-instrumentalist Pedro Menendez and joined by bandoneonist Oscar Fasanelli with Maurice Levar on electronics, this group fuses a variety of genres including jazz and classical. This will be Zona Tango's third consecutive year at the SXSW and in between planning, Menendez took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions about the band and its suave brand of tango electronica.

Describe your sound in your own words.

Our sound is a complex balance between acoustic instruments and electronic sounds. We are an electronic and orchestral band at the same time. Being a multi-instrumentalist has allowed me to use many of the wind instruments of a chamber orchestra including the flute, oboe, sclarinet, soprano sax, flugelhorn, Spanish guitar and the bandoneon, We mix those with electronic sounds through synthesizers and amplifiers. The music uses electronic loops for rhythm, but the harmonic language comes from jazz and contemporary classical music. On the other side, we can't say it is traditional tango, but all inflections and most melodic phrasing are from tango.

How did your band form?

Zona Tango was born in Paris after a long stay of performing traditional tango and music of my own. I came back to Buenos Aires with the idea of carrying out a different project with a new artistic proposal inside the emerging electro/tango genre. Together with the talented Oscar Fassanelli on bandoneon, the first two albums from Zona Tango were released ['Electronico' in 2004 and 'Brazil/Tango' in 2006]. Finally, the live band was formed and from that moment on Zona Tango has been growing up as a musical project where we feel absolutely free to experiment. There are no preconceptions, which are sometimes difficult to avoid for a musician coming from jazz and classical training.

What are your musical influences?

South American rhythms mainly from Argentina and Brazil including tango, candombe, chacarera and bossa nova. We're also influenced by jazz, contemporary classical music and music coming from Spain, England and India.

How did you come up with your band name?

Buenos Aires is, in fact, the Zona de Tango [Zone of Tango].

Whats in your festival survival kit?

My bandoneon, flute, soprano sax and guitar -- plus extremely high doses of concentration on music!

You have previously played SXSW before. Anything you plan to do different this time around?

This time Zona Tango will premiere songs from 'Psicodelia Tango,' which is our most recent CD [released in November 2009]. Adding a blend of jazz, tango and bossa nova, we created a new, subtle psychedelic aesthetic with elaborated work on synthesizers and electric guitars.

Whats the craziest thing you've ever seen or experienced on tour?

To cross the Polar Arctic Circle by train and ferrys through the Fjords to perform in Northern Norwegian cities.

Where does the band draw its inspiration from to create the music it does?

I'm always inspired! From nature, journeys, love, sometimes a simple word ... a sound or a rhythm.

Are there any new bands whom you are particularly impressed by?

Bjork, Eol Trio -- new Indian musicians that make a very interesting fusion between Indian music and electronics. Also some other musicians that are not so new but are my referents. Every time I listen to bands like Path Metheny, Oregon, Tom Jobim, Ivan Lins, Djavan, Piazzolla, Manuel de Falla and Ravel, I feel like they're new again. - AOL SPINNER by Shaun Christie


Friday, 11:45pm, Elephant Room

Led by tango pioneer Pedro Menéndez, Z-Tango's psychedelically inclined Psicodelia Tango finds the veteran trio continuing to blend electronic, jazz, and traditional styles. Menéndez, a galvanizing force in Buenos Aires, at Austin's favorite underground jazz club should be required listening for anybody with a passing interest in tango's evolution. - THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE by Dan Oko


Coleccionismo - Anthology - 2010
Peter´s Songs - 2010
Psicodelia Tango - 2010
BrazilTango Re-Edition - 2010
Electronico Re-Edition -2010
America Solar - 2008
Arquitectura Tango - 2006
Profundidad - 2005
Mi Buenos Aires herido - 2003
Secretos de la guitarra - 2002
Luna - 1999
Viaje por Latinoamérica - 1993
Cantos Secretos - 1989
Nuevos Caminos - 1986
Capoeira - 1984
Hora del Eclipse - 1983



PEDRO MENÉNDEZ stands out for being an exceptional prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist who has developed an unique eclectic style of blending jazz, Latin American rythms (tango, chacarera, zamba, candombe, bossa nova) and contemporary classical influences.

Recognized as a pioneering of the avant-garde fusion music in Argentina since the ‘80s, Pedro Menendez continues to create a new innovative Latin American concept rich in melodies, polirythm variations and elaborated counterpoints.

Virtuous multi-instrumentalist, Pedro Menendez has been dedicated to the music since he was 7 years old (piano, guitar, winds, bandoneon).

Already the golden student of the worldwide known Oscar Aleman (Josephine Baker´s jazz guitarist) at the age of 14 and disciple of the contemporary classical guitar concert player Miguel Angel Girollet, PEDRO MENENDEZ “CROSSOVER GUITAR” is the perfect opportunity to put together some of the best guitar pieces of the Argentinian musician and let him shine as an outstanding classical and electric guitar soloist..


Pedro Menendez was born in Buenos Aires in 1957.

He studied with professors like the worldwide known Oscar Aleman, Arturo Schneider (Astor Piazzolla´s flutist) and the contemporary classical guitarist Miguel Angel Girollet, among others. He also attended the composition career at the UCA.

He has recorded 17 discographic works with compositions of his own with the participation of well-known musicians like Osvaldo Fattoruso on drums (latin jazz Band 'Opa'), Rodolfo Mederos & Marcelo Nissinman on bandoneon, percussionist Rubén Rada, musicians from the Colón Theatre orchestra, among others.

He has performed internationally in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, US, Canada, Norway, Germany, Spain and France, including, among the most recent shows:

Tour SXSW 2012 / CMF 2012 (Coming March 11-24 2012, Austin, TX, USA / Toronto, ON, Canada!)

CANADIAN MUSIC FEST 2011 (March 9.13, 2011) (Toronto, ON, Canada)
SXSW 2011 (March 16-19, 2011) (Austin, TX, USA)
SXSW MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010 (March 2010)
CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK 2009, Toronto, ON, Canada (March 2009)
SXSW Music Festival & Conference 2009 (Austin, TX, USA, March 2009)
DART MUSIC International Day & Night Shows (Austin, TX, March 2009)
BRAZIL MUSICA & ARTES + International Guests (Austin, TX, March 2009)
FESTIVAL DE INVERNO SESC RIO 2008 (Petrópolis, Teresópolis & Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL, July 2008)
SXSW Music Festival & Conference 2008 (Austin, TX, USA, March 2008)
Rhizome Collective International Show (Austin, TX, USA, March 2008)
KUT FM - Live Recording Show (Austin, TX, US, March 2008)
6º / 4º BUENOS AIRES JAZZ AND OTHER MUSICS FESTIVAL (Buenos Aires, Argentina), among many others.

Troughout his career he has played on numerous local artistic, cultural venues and festivals, including "Buenos Aires Jazz & other Musics" International Festival, "Mar del Jazz" Festival, Centro Nacional de Música, Casa del Fondo Nacional de la Cultura, Auditorio del Pilar - Recoleta, Avenida Theater, Clasica y Moderna, among many others.

He has also performed as sessionist together with many other distinguished musicians of the Argentinian scene, like Luis Salinas, Agustín Pereyra Lucena, Guillermo Reuter (2004 SGAE Award), Daniel 'Pipi' Piazzolla, Bossa N´Stones, etc.

In the field of contemporary chamber music, he has written several pieces including a concert for Vibraphone and Strings dedicated to the Argentinian Soloist Daniel Serale (premiered on the International Percussion Festival of Patagonia, Argentina, 2006), a concert for Marimba dedicated to the Mexican well-known Soloist Javier Nandayapa, a work of 20 pieces for Piano based on Latin American rythmics (‘Viaje por Latinoamérica’/Voyage through Latin America’ Book I / Book II) and a concert for Guitar and Orchestra.

He has composed incidental music for television, theatre and cinema (Argentina and the Munich School of Cinema).

Since 1986 he is the Artistic Director of Contemporaneo Art Music, an Argentinian Record Label dedicated to genres as tango, jazz, crossover, folk, world and contemporary classical music (


( /