Pedro Menendez Fusion Ensemble

Pedro Menendez Fusion Ensemble

 Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D., ARG

With a vast discography and live international career, PEDRO MENENDEZ is an Argentine brilliant composer and multi-instrumentalist with an unique style of blending South American roots (bossa nova, chacarera, candombe, tango), jazz and contemporary classical elements. Master himself of multiple instruments (Piano, Guitar, Flute, Soprano Sax & Bandoneon), the result is an innovative crossover latin concept where beauty, polyrithmic propulsion and first-class improvisation converge...


Considered a pioneering of the avant-garde fusion style in Argentina, PEDRO MENÉNDEZ is a gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist (Piano, Guitar, Winds, Bandoneon) with an unique eclectic style of  blending jazz elements, Latin American rhythms and contemporary classical music. 

With a prolific discography and multiple live versatile projects, PEDRO MENENDEZ stands out for a vast local and international performance experience destined to keep growing: Argentina, Brazil, USA, Canada, Europe and Taiwan.

“VOYAGE THROUGH LATIN AMERICA" is the new coming conceptual work of the Argentine creator. 
A piano based work including 20 pieces reinterpreting rythms of South America, followed each other on an imaginary journey through the continent and compilated on two different books of musical scores. Afro American, native and European adapted forms can be found on this work as a source of inspiration.

For Pedro Menendez, polyrhythm reinvents his latin side. And the blend between richness of composition and jazz virtuosity shows that originality and an unique personal style remain Menendez’s main qualities.


PEDRO MENENDEZ was born in Buenos Aires in 1957.

He has been dedicated to the music since he was 7 years old. He studied with professors like the  worldwide known Oscar Aleman ( Josephine Baker's guitarist), Arturo Schneider (Astor Piazzolla´s flutist) and the contemporary classical guitarist Miguel Angel Girollet, among others. He also attended the composition career at the UCA.

He has recorded 17 discographic works with compositions of his own and the participation of well-known musicians like Osvaldo Fattoruso on drums (latin jazz Band 'Opa'), Rodolfo Mederos & Marcelo Nissinman on bandoneon, percussionist Rubén Rada, musicians from the Colón Theatre orchestra, among others.

Throughout his vast career he has lead as composer diverse ensembles performing on numerous distinguished cultural venues and festivals in Argentina, Brazil, US, Canada, China, Norway, Germany, Spain and France, including -among the most recent international tours: 

Tour EAST COAST MUSIC CONFERENCE 2018 (Norfolk, Virginia) / Austin, TX, US, May 2018

SXSW 2018 (Austin, Texas, US, March 2018)

TOUR SXSW 2017 (Austin, Texas, US, March 2017)
TOUR SXSW 2016 (Austin, Texas, US, March 2016)
TOUR TAIPEI, TAIWAN (December 2014)
DART MUSIC & HARRIS RADIO International Event (Austin, TX, USA, March 2012)
SXSW 2010 
BAFIM 2009 (Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2009)
DART MUSIC International Day & Night Shows (Austin, TX, March 2009)
BRAZIL MUSICA & ARTES + International Guests (Austin, TX, March 2009)
FESTIVAL DE INVERNO SESC RIO 2008 (Petrópolis, Teresópolis & Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL)
SXSW 2008 
Rhizome Collective International Show (Austin, TX, USA, March 2008)
KUT FM - Live Show (Austin, TX, US, March 2008)

As sessionist musician he has also been invited to perform with many distinguished musicians of the Argentinian scene, like Luis Salinas, Agustín Pereyra Lucena, Guillermo Reuter (2004 SGAE Award), Daniel 'Pipi' Piazzolla, Bossa N´Stones, Les Luthiers, etc. 

In the field of contemporary chamber music, he has written several pieces including a concert for Vibraphone and Strings dedicated to the Argentinian Soloist Daniel Serale (premiered on the International Percussion Festival of Patagonia, Argentina, 2006), a concert for Marimba dedicated to the Mexican well-known Soloist Javier Nandayapa, a work of 20 pieces for Piano based on Latin American rythmics (‘Viaje por Latinoamérica’/Voyage through Latin America’ Book I / Book II) and a concert for Guitar and Orchestra.

He has composed many incidental music for publicity, television, theatre and cinema (Argentina and the Munich School of Cinema). Among his most recent works in this field, Pedro Menendez has been nominated as best composer for the 27th Mar del Plata International Film Festival under the Category Argentine Panorama (Film: "Santa Lucia / Saint Lucia").

Since 1986 he is the Owner/Artistic Director of Contemporaneo Art Music, an Argentine Record Label dedicated to genres as tango, jazz, crossover, folk, world and contemporary classical music.


Windland (Coming Release!)

Electro Pampa - 2016
Coleccionismo - Anthology - 2010
Peter´s Songs - 2010
Psicodelia Tango - 2010
BrazilTango Re-Edition - 2010
Electronico Re-Edition -2010
America Solar - 2008
Arquitectura Tango - 2006
Profundidad - 2005
Mi Buenos Aires herido - 2003
Secretos de la guitarra - 2002
Luna - 1999
Viaje por Latinoamérica - 1993
Cantos Secretos - 1989
Nuevos Caminos - 1986
Capoeira - 1984
Hora del Eclipse - 1983

Set List

Typical set list:
Candombe de la Pava
Samba bahiana
Estrellas del Sur
Hacemos unos mates?
Diseño Tango
Mi Buenos Aires herido

All compositions and arrangements by Pedro Menéndez
Estimated time of the show: 1 hour