Brad Pedwell is a 24 year old singer\songwriter\guitarist hailing from Vancouver, BC Canada. Since 2002, he's played over 500 shows, recorded 3 cds, a dvd, and is currently touring the UK in support of the single "Lay It On Me". Pedwell is the REAL DEAL.


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Brad Pedwell is a singer..songwriter..guitarist that debut'd in Vancouver, BC Canada in 2002. Pedwell is me, I am Pedwell, it just seems that these 'industry bios' always seem to be typed in third person at some half-wit attempt to appear professional. Since 2002, I have played over 500 shows, recorded 3 cds, a dvd, and am in the final stages of my first full length, full band album...over the past few years I have shared a stage with acts like Todd Kerns (Age of Electric), Yellowcard, Gob, Julian Austin, Jane Sibery, Long John Baldry, The Black Halos, Exithiside, and Eric Martin of Mr. Big.

After recording an 11 song demo in Vancouver prior to my departure to the UK/Europe we have chosen 5 songs: 'Restitution', 'Lay It On Me', 'Water Fall', 'Way Down Below', and 'Immortal' to add to the full length album to be produced by a major industry producer with a discography to DIE be released in 2008.

Please let the music speak for itself and enjoy!

"Don't conform and use your head, 'cause life's a bitch and then you're dead!" -


Plead Insane

Written By: Brad Pedwell

From bended knee to sorcery
The Blame
The Filth
The Nark
The part where only something sick can save me now

From bended knee to incomplete
The Scars
I won't see you screaming at me until I hear my name
I just won't be unique let me be the same
The Stars
The scar on my back that let the blood run cold

...then I'll find my place and never be the same
I'll never play your game
I'll never scream your name and never be the same

...then I'll plead insane and never be the same
I'll never see you 'til you're screaming at me;bleeding past me
and I will never be the same

Sasquatch Party

Written By: Brad Pedwell

Waitin' for my angels to fall
to satisfy the distance we needed
substantial exit wounds but no bleeding; needing

Have you had enough of me?

Waitin' for my angels to crawl
Spiders seepin' beneath the skin
Survive this cold death with a breath of fire; desire you'll rape

Unity crawls ashamed; a fear that is so ugly
But I will find my seat inside your own belief
you made me real

Don't tell me you're ashamed to be loved for I have never slept in your skin
I'd sleep but my heart is on fire
Your innocence runs while I just crawl.

Water Fall

Written By: Brad Pedwell

Slowly changing
Washing ashore
Lonely bleeding whore

All the planes are shot down and all the lights are flashing but I think you're the one who should drown
Everyone wants to be like the rain, noone wants to stand out (no noone wants to stand out in the crowd)

To my dearly departed and the broken hearted
I'm feelin' nearly retarded
I'd love you if I didn't have to kill myself to do it
I'm sick of this shit
I don't want to be part of the crowd that's soaking wet from my discretion.
Soaking my designs

I'll wake, bake, console
while you smoke your life away
the cancer, it burns the words that you stole away
and now I'm burning out

Let your water fall

Hectic for desire
Killing for a martyr
I won't decide to die for that which you won't give a shit

Fear not my nightmare
Bleed dreams of heaven and my despair
No person is known like me in death
I'll be wakin' and bakin' and smokin' into my despair

Take load off my shoulder and take it onto your back
Make me feel like I'm a crucifix in my life and you're taking it back

Wake, Bake, Console
Smoke your life away

I'm standing still
If I don't move then noone will

The Fear

Written By: Brad Pedwell

In a world where I can't see what I came for
I can't know what I'm here for
A fallen dawn to the world took it out of me
but buried like the trousers on me,
I pissed it all away

I'm breakin'
I wasted my life
and Dawn
Drank my worry when I botched my design
Cruel World
Now I'm breakin'
now I'm breakin' down
You were worth it when my head hit the ground
you were worth it

Pissed it all away
I'm breakin' and I'll use yours
cause I can't be myself cause I've hit the floor
and all
Now I'm breakin and now I'm breakin down
You were worth it when my head hit the ground
You were worth it

Pissed It all away
I'm breakin' and I'll use yours
Take my omen and botch my sores
Cruel World
now I'm breakin' and now I'm breakin' down
You were worth it when my head hit the ground
You were worth it


Pedwell - Self Titled [coming 2008]
Pedwell - The Fighting [released 2006] Independant
Pedwell - Emerged [released 2005] Independant

Set List

Up to 2-2.5 hours of original material + covers.
List of originals available upon request...

Covers: (off the top of my head)