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"Pedwell and Shiver share time on upcoming album"

Pedwell and Shiver share time on upcoming album

by Dave Willis

Singer/guitarist Brad Pedwell was due to release an album for his self-titled solo project. Shiver, the hard-rocking band Pedwell's the front man for, was also ready to get its first-ever disc out there.

It just made sense to combine the two and create a split album, Pedwell says.

"It was kind of convenient for both of us to share the same CD rather than have to pay the ungodly prices (to do it separately)," says the Tsawwassen turned Ladner resident.

The Fear is due for release late next month and should feature seven songs from Shiver and seven from Pedwell's solo effort.

The disc will be released under Pedwell's independent record label, Open Box Entertainment.

"We've still got a little bit more recording we have to do as far as the Shiver portion goes," he says.

Taking part in that recording is new drummer Adam Baldwin.

"He's had some new ideas that we thought worked pretty well," says lead guitarist Chris Hamilton. "He added a new vibe to the songs that we're recording now."

David Dyck plays bass for the group.

Except for the help of a couple engineers, the band is doing the production work itself and according to Pedwell, there are ups and downs when it comes to putting together a CD.

"It's kind of like a long, boring process."

He says creating album cover art and doing the final mixing is tedious but "it's worth it in the long run."

On the plus side, "the studio is fun because you get to go in there, hang out, record the songs and see them come together one at a time," Pedwell says. "It's cool to see what you thought in your head turn into an actual thing, an actual entity."

He describes his solo portion of the CD as a concept album with plenty of interludes.

"It's about human relationships and the things you go through from point A to point B."

As a contrast, the Shiver side is "really hard riff-based" and could be compared to music from bands like Godsmack, Filter and Sevendust, Pedwell says.

There's a CD release show for The Fear on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at the Media Club in Vancouver.

Call 778-808-0490 for ticket information or visit

The CD costs $10 and will also be available through the band's website, and through special order via Chapters locations, Pedwell notes.

A tour through the Lower Mainland, including a solo acoustic performance in Tsawwassen, is also in the works.

published on 02/08/2006
- The Delta Optimist

"3 Bands and Label for Local Musician"

Local musician Brad Pedwell has his fair share of projects on the go these days, including a brand new independent record label.

"There's thousands of bands and everyone's fighting for the same kind of thing," he said during an interview at his Ladner townhouse.

Every year, many artists hand out demo CDs to record companies, hoping to catch a break and get signed.

"There's got to be another way to do that. You've got to find an avenue to put your music out," he said.

"This is kinda the way for the little guy to get some recognition."

He started the label, Open Box Entertainment, about two months ago to get his own music, and that of his friends, out there.

But now, he's looking for other bands that share his kind of radio rock n' roll musical style.

Pedwell admits Open Box is still "getting off the ground" and that he currently works on it mostly in his spare time.

He's involved with three bands and also works as a landscaper.

"You gotta pay the bills in order to buy the gear and do the shows. It's unfortunately a necessary evil."

Pedwell is the vocalist for Shiver, a hard rocking, in-your-face type of group comparable to Metallica, he said.

He's also plays guitar in MattNBrad, a duo with Tsawwassen native Matt Presidente. The pair landed a headlining gig at this year's Gay Pride Festival in Vancouver.

The third undertaking is a solo project under the name Pedwell, which is "pretty much the softer side" of Shiver, he said.

"It's a lot different than the Shiver stuff that I'm doing, so it's kind of a cool contrast, having the two different avenues, you know?"

There isn't a problem taking part in all three endeavours, he said.

"When one band's doing well, at the same time, one band is usually in a bit of downtime."

He's in the process of recording a Pedwell CD, Another Forever, which he plans to be the first release under the new indie label sometime in the fall.

Furthermore, Pedwell has local gigs in the works, including one still being planned out for the Another Forever release.

By Dave Willis - Delta Optimist

"A Very Nice Mood"

this track grabbed me right away im a rocker with the best of them but to chill and listen to a good groove track its a nice change of pace,the organ sound is a nice touch, the lead vocalist has a good voice but the mumly sound puts him in the eddie vedder/creed sound not so sure if thats a good or bad thing.Over all I like the track, good guitaring, the bridge seems like a kool times your singer has a joe cocker feel which isnt a bad thing either.

- Doot from Detroit, Michigan - "Restitution"

"Shiver Proud of Recently Released EP"

Shiver proud of recently released EP

by Dave Willis

Hot off the heels of his band's self-titled EP release, front man Brad Pedwell and the rest of Shiver have a gig lined up at the Lamplighter in Vancouver Saturday.

"It's the best thing I've ever done, for sure," said Pedwell, a Tsawwassen turned Ladner resident, of the recently finished disc.

The hard-rocking group, whose style could be compared to bands like Godsmack and Filter, had plans to release an album earlier this year but the process turned out to be a prolonged one.

"We didn't feel that it represented us well enough, so we had to go back to the drawing board and redo it all," Pedwell said.

He noted he's happy with the finished product this time.

"Absolutely. We did a lot of preproduction this time and a lot of thinking about how the album should flow. It's an EP, it's only six songs, but it runs 40 minutes because some of the songs are really long. It's based on a lot of epics."

The band is expected to play tunes off the EP, some of which include The Fear, Plead Insane and Sasquatch Party, at the show this weekend.

The gig's lineup includes Vancouver-area bands Stand Down, Macula and The Glim Project.

Pedwell said Shiver has performed with those groups in the past and that he expects a crowded venue this time around.

"Totally, we expect the show to sell out."

Shiver is made up of Pedwell, lead guitarist Chris Hamilton, bassist David Dyck and drummer Adam Baldwin.

"We've been working really hard, getting our sound really tight and our songs together," Pedwell said. "We're in talks with a lot of labels right now, trying to get some contracts drawn up."

Shiver plays the Lamplighter in Vancouver this Saturday. While the show starts at 10 p.m., they're expected to hit the stage approximately an hour later. For ticket information, e-mail or call 778-808-0490. - Delta Optimist

"REVIEW - Shiver @ Lamplighter, Vancouver (Sept 2)"

So I had been making buttons all day Saturday and needed a break, so I decided to take a break and go down to the Lamplighter to see Shiver play.

I got there just in time to say hi and see them get on stage. They got everything set up and Brad (singer) leans into the mic for a sound check and you hear him say is, “what, was the last singer a midget?” as he pulls the mic up to fit his height. At 6’3 isn’t everyone a midget, Brad?

They started off the show with “Unite” and you can see how hard these guys have worked to get to where they are. They were tight through the whole song and when they were finished they jumped right into ‘Sasquatch Party’ flawlessly.

I love how Chris plays his guitar; the way he shreds it up is probably the reason why I like Sasquatch party so much.

The whole crowd was jumping and head banging like mad. Every time Shiver steps on stage it fills the whole room and makes everyone want to join in. The best thing is that while the entire band was head banging in unison, Brad’s hair tie went flying and all of a sudden the smell of his shampoo was wafting through the air.

Pert Plus, hey Brad?

Doesn’t matter what it was. It was definitely better then the smell of stale beer and sweat that was already lingering throughout the room.

Before they started to play their next song, Brad took a moment to mention that it’s his ‘The Turn’ T-Shirt that makes girls want him. HAHA….I don’t think it’s the shirt Brad.

They jumped into playing ‘Through This Violence’ and ‘Egocentric‘ which were both incredible. So much so, that one of the speakers kept cutting in and out and because everyone was so into the music, they didn’t even seem to notice. Whether you hear them through one speaker or two or no speakers at all, they sound amazing and are truly gifted musicians.

They finished off their set with ‘The Fear’ and ‘Return to Sasquatch Party’ and they thanked everyone for coming out to support them. The group hug for a great show was pretty cute too. - Project Opus. Com


Pedwell - Self Titled [coming 2008]
Pedwell - The Fighting [released 2006] Independant
Pedwell - Emerged [released 2005] Independant


Feeling a bit camera shy


insert a&r-targeted name-dropping here...

Brad Pedwell is a singer..songwriter..guitarist that debut'd in Vancouver, BC Canada in 2002. Pedwell is me, I am Pedwell, it just seems that these 'industry bios' always seem to be typed in third person at some half-wit attempt to appear professional. Since 2002, I have played over 500 shows, recorded 3 cds, a dvd, and am in the final stages of my first full length, full band album...over the past few years I have shared a stage with acts like Todd Kerns (Age of Electric), Yellowcard, Gob, Julian Austin, Jane Sibery, Long John Baldry, The Black Halos, Exithiside, and Eric Martin of Mr. Big.

After recording an 11 song demo in Vancouver prior to my departure to the UK/Europe we have chosen 5 songs: 'Restitution', 'Lay It On Me', 'Water Fall', 'Way Down Below', and 'Immortal' to add to the full length album to be produced by a major industry producer with a discography to DIE be released in 2008.

Please let the music speak for itself and enjoy!

"Don't conform and use your head, 'cause life's a bitch and then you're dead!" -