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Peekaboo Theory

Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Alternative Dream Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Peekaboo Theory: New Studio Album + Coast to Coast this Fall + Giving Back to the Community"

For Immediate Release
Following the 2010 release of the well-received LP, Science and Programs, Peekaboo Theory has returned to the studio to record their sophomore project.
After the worldwide success of Science and Programs, Peekaboo Theory’s audience expanded, both in numbers and diversity, opening the ears of many to their unique brand of ethereal rock for the first time.
This fall, Peekaboo Theory will travel from coast to coast on a concert and press tour to promote the upcoming album. The second offering captures the mood of a band that has grown sonically and professionally, and has arrived at an intimate new level of creative awareness.
In addition to publicity for the new album this year, Peekaboo Theory will give of themselves, their time and talents to support the efforts of charity organizations aiding the less fortunate at home and abroad. To begin their community endeavors, Peekaboo Theory will partner with Sisterhood Creations, Inc., an international organization dedicated to helping children affected by poverty in the United States, the Caribbean, South America and Africa, for a benefit show, along with M1 from the legendary hip-hop duo Dead Prez. Proceeds from the show will aid in Sisterhood Creation’s efforts to provide assistance to needy children.
For further information, including media inquiries and booking, please contact:
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"Peekaboo Theory Announces Showcase Dates in Austin"

Houston, TX – Local Prog-electro rockers, Peekaboo Theory ( has announced that they will be showcasing for the IndyRadioMedia artist showcase in Texas.

The showcase will precede the bands plans to go back into the studio to follow up the 2010 re-release of their Sy~3nc3 & Pr( )gr@m5 (Science & Programs) on Zenhill Records. Jamescayn Whitecloud, the band's frontman comments, "We are currently in the process of writing and recording new material, which some of it may be slated to be released on an upcoming record. In the next few months, we hope to be done auditioning the new songs and possibly done with the recording phase of a new album. A tour should be in place as well.” Peekaboo Theory's unique sound is a familiar twist on progressive rock with DJ infused band members reminiscent of a cross between the musical stylings of Incubus and the raw energy and dreadlocks of Bad Brains.

Peekaboo Theory's lyrics tend to be fueled with serious themes such as homelessness and self awareness. The video for his latest single, "Immediate Hesitation" streams images of a man on the verge of a mental and near violent breakdown after receiving an eviction notice on his door.The band has developed an organic fan base in Texas as a result of their general disinterest in becoming a weekend local bar band and has shared the stage as openers for mainstream artists including: Peter Bjorn and Jon, Saul Williams, and Everclear. Their live performances have been praised for their high energy and wall of sound. “Our live sound is an exploration of comfortable warm feelings co-existing with harmony and adversity. If it feels good, we start from there and either compliment a sound, or drop it in a war zone. Some sounds are just pawns for more dominant ones, “ explains Peekaboo Theory member, Ramon Wakefield. The band plans to play in major cities throughout the region, beginning with the IndyRadioMedia showcase in Austin, TX in August. Tony Roopa, Peekaboo Theory guitarist comments on his goals for the upcoming tour by adding, “We'd like to infiltrate homes via CDs, visual aids, touring and just spread a message: “Be strong. Take in life fully, and if it's subjective, then there's no right answer.” Fans can keep up with Peekaboo Theory tour dates on the band's official website at:
To Watch the Video for Peekaboo Theory's latest single, “Immediate Hesitation” visit - WebstarPR, IndyRadioMedia

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Peekaboo Theory is an American alternative rock band founded in 2006 in Texas. The band is primarily based in Houston. Peekaboo Theory consists of members James King (lead vocalist), Ramon Wakefield (guitar, piano, backing vocals), Tony Payne (guitar, bass, synthesizers) and Grant Martin (drums, percussion).

Peekaboo Theory released their first project in the fall of 2006 called “Red Stars”; a four-song EP that consisted of programed backing tracks and live instrumentation. The EP earned the band the “Best Avant Garde/Experimental” award from media outlet Houston Press in the 2007 Houston Press Music Awards, as well as many other award nominations from local publications and radio stations. The success they gained following the release of “Red Stars” quickly propelled them to being one of the busiest and most talked about local acts. After spending time developing a unique sound and live experience, Peekaboo Theory entered the historic Sugar Hill Studios in late 2007 to begin work on what would become their first full length album, 2009’s independently released “Science & Programs”.

Following the release of “Science & Programs”, Peekaboo Theory embarked on a busy live schedule, averaging fifty appearances a year, including high profile appearances opening for national acts such as Saul Williams, Peter Bjorn and John & Bad Brains. Peekaboo Theory also started making a name for itself at it’s many major festival appearances, including four consecutive years of official SXSW showcases, Free Press Summerfest, Westheimer Block Party, Artopia, Mixed Media Festival, Santa Fe Music Festival, Albuquerque Music Festival, and the Afro-Punk Festival in Brooklyn.

In 2012, the band took a break from it’s five year run of shows to focus on the writing of unheard material after finding a new studio home at 226 Recordings in The Heights, now working with prolific engineer Paul Cox. After spending countless hours in the studio developing material and experimenting with different composition and recording techniques the band is now near completing the recording process for what will be the follow up to “Science & Programs”. Preparing to start it’s hectic live schedule once again in 2013, the band has developed a new live experience and is starting to build anticipation for it’s next album. Peekaboo Theory is back on stage and is more poised than ever.