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Peep Game
"The Fantastic Four plus one”, how better to describe a group that encompasses the essence of Hip Hop. Starting off with the funny and charismatic lyrics of Pitch Blakk, to the old school Hip Hop lyric styles of Rainz, Jay Stacks the storyteller, and last but not least Duece. Duece is the “youngest in charge” who lights up the stage with his high energy and smooth delivery. With Edmonton sweetest R&B single Jayne doe. Peep Game has the rap game covered.

The groups approach to their music and the community surrounding them allows them to adapt to the ever-changing Hip Hop flavor. Peep Game takes on the responsibilities of a true Hip Hop group as well as being an outstanding example for the community. Not only do they invest time in their love of music but also in their community, raising money for local non-profit organizations such as the Alberta Red Cross and The Edmonton Food Bank.

“Living in the industry has made my approach to urban music different. It’s made me realize that it more than music, it about how the music affect those who listen ... The opportunity to make music that’s timeless and help whenever possible is the greatest gift that God has given me…” Jay stacks

Despite being together for less than a year, Peep Game had created a long list of accomplishments to be proud of. The debut album "Long Time Coming" is hot on the heals of industry newsmakers. The list of accomplishments include their three mix tapes and performing as the opening act for certified Platinum artists Swollen Members and Toronto's R&B group In Essence.

Peep Game can be considered ambassadors of Hip Hop and continue to captivate audiences of all different demographics.

Most recently, the first single from the "Long time coming" album, " All Night” was featured on 96X, Edmonton's most listened to radio station. The song was also played on VIBE 98.5 in Calgary. The group was given airplay on local radio stations for the song "All Night". The radio station would play the song on the radio and the audience had one hour to call in and vote for the song. The audience voted in both cases to keep the song and in return, the group was given airplay. The success of the song has opened the door for "The Fantastic Four plus one" to make a positive impact on the Canadian music scene.

The group is focused and driven which allows them to consistently turn out new music.

Peep Game is quickly elevating to higher levels and can be heard in speaker boxes of true Hip Hop lovers!

"... see you at the top!" Peep Game


Singles: All night, Peep Game is the Name, Ghetto Scream, Hold up
Air play: all night (Calgary, Edmonton)
Album: Long time coming
Mixx Tapes: Vol 1, vol 2 vol 3 , Pg Street

Set List

Our set list consists of 5 songs plus an intro. Intro, spit like this, cheers, all night, hold up, Peep Game is the name.