Peer Gynt

Peer Gynt


Energic high-octane rock with blues-flavour


The promising young artist Peer Gynt was born in Trondheim (Norway) in 1971. He is known in his native country for his powerful way of playing the guitar, and particularly his breathtaking stage-show, which regularly triggers the smoke alarm detectors of the clubs.

His Norwegian descent is impressively reflected in his music. The 'King of Mountain Blues', as he is called in the press, understands excellently to combine Norwegian folktunes with blues and rock elements. The result is powerful bluesrock with sparkling folkelements, which makes you feel like dancing and jumping around.

Peer Gynt's lyrics are fairytales. People, who know him, claim that he writes about himself and his life. After all, the conjunction between these two is what's interesting for the listener

Gynt says: "Since I'm blending Norwegian folktones into raw, loud and powerful bluesrock inspired by old age wisdom I think it gives the worldmusic a new genre and new dynamics." He further explains: "Many decades ago the fairytales told us that the Norwegian fiddleplayers who played these tones where playing along with the devil. In many ways these historical fairytales are similar to the story about the American blues legend Robert Johnson, who made his pact with the devil at the crossroads."

Peer Gynt is accompanied by Lars Fish (bass) and B.P. Hovik (drums and percussion). This dynamic rhythmsection plays the grooves with a lot of humour, compassion and love. B.P. Hovik follows the tradition of Keith Moon from the legendary group 'The Who'. He has created a unique style probably, because he teaches how to play the drums, and because he is left-handed. Twenty-three year old bassplayer Lars Fish is a calm, funny, humorous, and brilliant breed apart. He spreads a good mood on the road and delivers a pleasant atmosphere.


I killed the blues

Written By: Peer Gynt, gelsomine, Tekro

I killed the blues
But I know I´ll be forgiven by the familly
They made me chose
´cause the blues was the ruler of the minestry


I killed the blues
I killed the mother of rock n´ roll
I killed the blues
I killed the brother of jazz n´ soul
I killed the blues

I killed the blues
That I love
And I was diggin every minute of it
Don’t make me choose
I cant loose
She´s the music I´m the melody

I sing the blues
Oh, it´s true
Yeah I did it for the family
I changed the blues
And the roots
´Cause I got a better recipie

Reach for my heart

Written By: Peer Gynt, Gelsomine

Try to hold my hand
Try to feel releaved
Escape as fast as we can
And fly on with the dream

If you would svear to reach for my heart
If you would svear to reach for my heart
if you would svear to reach for my heart
If you would svear to reach for my heart
I´ll give you all i got

Feel desire runnin´
Runnin´n from the dark
I know i saw it comein´
To light a little spark


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Peer Gynt + Div. Artists - “All That Blues From Norway” Jefferson Records 1996
Peer Gynt + Div. Artists- “Sounds From The Underground”- Rodell Records 1996
Peer Gynt “Live in NRK Studios” NRK 1995
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Peer Gynt “Fairytale” Ruf Records Germany 2002

Peer Gynt - “Good Lord” - 1996
(Best Norwegian Music Video 1996-NRK)
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